Review: NAHA's Night Gelly

May 19, 2014

NAHA's Night Gelly 

These NAHA Night Gelly are the souvenirs from Taiwan. I used them few weeks and found out that they are not bad actually.
So, I'm going to do a review about this NAHA Night Gelly today. Just a short review though.
For your information, NAHA is actually from the words of "Natural" and "Handmade".
Made originally in Taiwan, NAHA launched on 2007 with the concept of "Natural, Herbal & Gentle" and "Keep your beauty with".

Collagen Night Gelly

NAHA Night Gelly Details:
By : Naha Herbal Cosmetics.
From : Made in Taiwan.
Volume : 100 ml.
Color : Transparent.

Fragrant : Quite refreshing.
Price : RM 30 (if not mistaken).

Texture is quite concentrated.

#1 Naha's Collagen Night Gelly

#2 Naha's Acerola Whitening Night Gelly

Thoughts after use: 
Surprisingly, both of the Night Gelly made me feel awesome. I put them in the fridge, and apply them whenever I need them. Collagen Night Gelly gives me a high moisturized feel when I wake up on the next morning (I think it is suitable for using after sunburn) while the Acerola Whitening Night Gelly gives me a brighter and smoother skin after I use it. For your information, these Night Gelly no need to wash off. You can just simply apply it on your face before sleep and wake up with a refreshed and brighter face. I prefer Collagen Night Gelly because it does help my dehydrated skin to be more moisturized and refreshed with a comfortable scent.

Till then, xoxo.

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