Review : Biotherm's Skin.Ergetic Eyes

May 03, 2014

Biotherm Skin.Ergetic Eyes

The first integral anti-fatigue eye care from Biotherm, enriched with Chlorella V. extract (Chlorella V. is a green micro-algae with extraordinary depolluting power. It filters water from toxins and heavy metals to purify its living environment.), to visibly reduce signs of fatigue: dark circles and bags looks reduced, lines as smoothed, eyes appear awake. Use every morning and/ or evening, or as needed. Apply a small amount of product to the eye contour area. Massage them to boost micro-circulation.

Details of Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC EYES:
From : Made in France.
Volume : 15 ml / 0.50 fl. oz.
Color : Beige.
Fragrant : Natural Fruity Smell.
Availability : Available at all Biotherm counters nationwide.
Price : RM 160.

Oh My Dark Eye Circles & Puffy Eyes !

Targeting the five (5) major signs of eye fatigue (dark circles, bags, fine lines, sagging eyelids and puffy eye lids),
Biotherm Skin.Ergetic Eyes offers a global action to the signs of these fatigue across the eye area.

It looks like this.

The texture.

The creamy texture is light and boost its effects against our tired-eyes immediately.
It is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
*Proven Visible Result: For 80% of women, eyes look less tired. Dark circles and bags look reduced, lines are smoothed and sagging eyelids are minimized. The entire eye area appears refreshed and rested.

1. Chlorella V. Extract  & Haloxyl : Combat dark circles.
2. Water retention-reducing Caffeine : Stimulating and draining actions.
3. Cellular density-boosting Adenosine : Reduces appearance of wrinkles and lack of firmness.
4. Phitovityl C & Vitamin E : Helps detoxify skin.
5. Protein-rich Soy Extract : Makes skin looks less tired and stimulates energy-producing mitochondria.

Make sure your product is evenly on your fingers first.

Apply them by your ring finger (since it is the weakest finger and has the lightest touch).

Gently massage is a must.

Thoughts after apply:
I never use any Biotherm's Eye Products before, and this is the first time I try their eye cream. Unlike other eye treatment products, this eye cream is creamy (not in gel-like-form) with a lightweight texture. No doubt, it can be absorbed very well and quickly. You will feel how it works as your under-eye area will turn smooth and supple. The result did not last long although it is quite refreshing. I know that eye-care-products need a longer duration to see the real permanent effect, but I just can't wait to post it up first. The applicator however, it needs to be redesigned. The long tube needs to be squeezed perfectly to get the amount wanted. I always over-squeeze them and I end up wasting the product. I like other eye-care-products that include the roller ball (can simply roll on without using my fingers, I'm a bit lazy.). Anyway, this is a good try, let's see whether my dark circles will reduce day by day. 

Eyes appear awake!

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