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May 17, 2014

As third branch of MAIU Japanese Restaurant is opened on the very first day of May in 2014, my friend and I would like to give a try on this fusion Japanese food to cater our taste bud. This is not a latest news anymore. Besides Damansara Perdana and Seri Petaling, MAIU has its new branch now at Bandar Mahkota Cheras, opens for lunch to 2.30 pm and resumes back at 6.00 pm to 10.30 pm.

Their signature buffet is available daily with all-you-can-eat A-La-Carte Menu and free flow of refreshments. Continue to read the below post if you are interested on it and go to have a try to taste how fresh the sashimi is.

This is the Order Menu for Daily Buffet.
Adult     : RM 48.80+
Children : RM 25.80+

It is a very clear and simple menu.

Let's have a quick view on their food now.

You can have your refillable Green Tea or Coke.

Salmon, Shiro Maguro and Maguro. ♥

Another plate of them.
Yes, these sashimi are damn nice!
Is a must-order!


Salmon Mayo Maki.

Kaki Tofu Fried.

Tempura Mori.

Chicken Karaage.

Hand Roll: Salmon, Unagi, Itako & California.

Saba Shioyaki.

Salmon Shioyaki.



Dessert : Chocolate, Green Tea & Wasabi Ice Cream. ♥

Verdict : 7 out of 10.
"All-you-can-eat" Buffet with no queues, no trays of food getting cold. I fall for the sashimi after my very first bite. Salmon, Shiro Maguro and Maguro Sashimi are just so nice, but please make sure you can finish them. *wink* Nigiri Sushi are not that special, just like usual sushi taste. Maki is not bad, but no really worth the money you pay if you order this rice-based-stuff. Kaki Tofu fried however, it is a must-order-dish, you will like the crispiness of the fried tofu steak. I like the Salmon and Saba Shioyaki as they are fresh and tasty. If you ask me how about the Chawan Mushi and Sukiyaki? They are just so so, nothing special. For the ice cream part, wasabi really not bad, but if you not really like the "spicy wasabi" taste, I won't recommend this flavor to you. Overall, MAIU is a must-visit-restaurant if you have extra penny for Japanese Buffet, but not really suitable for students as it is a bit pricey for them.

Heard that other branch of MAIU always full house, but I didn't have this problem at Mahkota Cheras branch. You may call for reservation as it is always crowded at peak hour.
You can refer the details of MAIU Restaurant below. Till then, xoxo.

MAIU Japanese Restaurant
Business Hour : 
11.30 am - 2.30 pm
6.00 pm - 10.30 pm

MAIU Website

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