The Grind Burger Bar, Section 17 Petaling Jaya

April 29, 2014

The Grind Burger Bar.

Have you ever heard of this restaurant ——The Grind Burger Bar? No doubt, this restaurant is one of my favorite place and I want to post this blog post super long time ago, what a finally! The Grind Burger Bar was opened in March, 2013 actually, it's located in the same row as the famous Kanna Curry House at Section 17, Petaling Jaya and it's beside the Organic Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant (This restaurant also a must-visit-restaurant, go and try it if you love to eat veggie like me.). Let's see some environment photos now.

The Cashier.

Signature Long Burger Bar!

Different view.

Full House if you visit at lunch time!

Advertising. =P

The Grind Burger Bar has a long bar table in the middle of the restaurant, that's why it calls Burger Bar? Communal seating for up to 14 person, let's party! Simple yet sleek interior with one side of a panel of red bricks while another side painted grey with some matching vintage paintings and posters. Not only the sleek interior, but also their "Open Kitchen", you can see how they "grind" the burgers inside the kitchen through the transparent glass.

Their menu was printed on a piece of brown laminated paper, simple as that with two pages (front & back). They serves Hot dogs, Swedish meatballs, Spaghetti, Fish & Chips, Soft drinks, Wine (Yes, they serves alcohol.) and of course Burgers! I always hunt for their burgers only. Despite the simple menu with no any photos of their burgers, you can ask the waiter/ waitress if you not really know what it is. But I think it should be okay because their description is quite easy to understand.

Let's see some photos now!

Random photo.

Fork and Knife.

#1 The Cheeseburger (Pork), RM 15
Pork patty, natural cheddar , crisp green of the day, onions slivers, fresh tomato and mayonnaise.

#2 The Double Cheeseburger (Beef), RM 25
The Cheeseburger, doubled-up!

#3 Wild 'Shroom (Beef), RM 21
Beef patty, sauteed wild mushrooms, natural Swiss cheese, crisp lettuce, onion slivers, fresh tomato and mayonnaise.

#4 Close Up : Wild 'Shroom (Pork), RM 19
You can see the mushrooms now!

#5 The Grind House Burger (Pork), RM 19
Pork patty, bacon, fried egg, caramelized onions, natural cheddar, crisp lettuce, onions and fresh tomato with their special mayo sauce.

Whole set Look.

Crispy Fries included of course!

Students? Get your 10% OFF on weekday!

Verdict : 8.5 out of 10.
I fall for it after my first bite on my first visit. If you ask me which burger restaurant I prefer, definitely The Grind Burger Bar—— The Best Burger in Klang Valley (in my heart)! From the environment to the quality of food, I would like to give a big thumb up for this! The crispiness and fluffiness of the burger bun (I'm not really like to eat bun, but this is totally different, I like their bun so much!), the juiciness and fragrances of the patty (I prefer the pork patty!), the freshness of the tomatoes & lettuce, and the special mayo sauce! Everything is just so match! Not only this, but also their crispy fries! Their fries are super crispy, is a must-eat (but, don't eat too much of fried stuff laaaa)! Please show your student card to get 10% OFF on weekday! The size of the burgers is too big! You can't eat the whole burger with just one bite. Use your creativity to enjoy them (I usually hold it with hands, fork & knife just too hard to handle. =P). Definitely will pay another visit for other burgers or meatballs (I revisit few times already, but always hunt for burgers, how about Big Black Dog on the next visit?). Anyone want to join me? Being fat together-gether! =x

Everything is awesome but if you want me to say a little more, I think is the Full-House-ness at lunch time! The Grind Burger Bar is located in PJ Section 17, just beside SS2 and same row with I'm Spicy. Yes, that area has a very limited parking bay. Other than that, the price of the pork patty and beef patty are different, beef patty is RM 2 expensive than the pork patty. I think it is still pricey for students although it has a 10% OFF on weekday. But, it is worth to try! You will fall for it like me. =P

Thanks for reading guys! ♥
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The Grind Burger Bar
Address : 7, Jalan 17/45, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Bussiness Hour : 12 pm - 3 pm ; 5 pm - 10 pm.
Contact No : (603) 7932 3883

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