Review: Zamian Gold Cacao Mask + Cacao Soap + Camellia Soap

March 25, 2014

If you all still remember how Santa Hermo granted my wish with The Butterfly Project Malaysia (I know, I know it is long long time ago on last year Christmas, but who cares?), click here to view it if you can't remember. I miss Christmas Day so much now. (>_<) Well, never too late, I'm going to review this Zamian Cacao Gold Mask today. For your information, this is a valuable set —— Zamian Gold Cacao Mask with 2 handmade Soap. It stimulate cellular growth of the basal layer to generate healthy, firm skin cells and a tightening effect. ♥

Valuable Set. 

Details of this Zamian Gold Cacao Mask Valueble Set:
1. Zamian Gold Cacao Mask (150g)
2. Zamian Cacao Handmade Soap (40g)
3. Zamian Camellia Handmade Soap (40g)

Made in Korea.

9 Benefits of the Gold Cacao Mask:
♥ Shrink pores
♥ Restore skin elasticity
♥ Brighten dull looking skin (whitening)
♥ Heal acne skin
♥ Controls excessive oil formation
♥ Soothe and maintains pH level of skin
♥ Anti-ageing
 Moisture, repair & regenerate new skin
♥ Suitable for all skin type (especially acne, pimple, dull looking & stressful skin)

Skin condition was so bad on January 2014, during PMS.

Pimples keep pop out during PMS, pores also larger, skin is extremely dry and very oily at T-zone area. I was using the Zamian Cacao Handmade Soap for cleansing and nourishing. After that, use the Zamian Gold Cacao Mask for regenerating a healthy firm skin. Wait 10-20 minutes for mask to dry, then you can use warm water with the Zamian Camellia Handmade Soap to wash off.

Steps : Cacao Soap -> Gold Cacao Mask -> Camellia Soap.
Simple right? Let's see my testimonial now.  

Zamian Cacao handmade Soap.

It produces lots of bubble while washing face and effectively remove excess oil, contain nourishing effect.

Wait 10-20 minutes Or wait until dry.

It is dry enough now, let's wash the face now.

Wash with Camellia Soap and warm water.

It contains vitamin A, B, E and other antioxidants which prevent free radicals causing damage to the skin's elastic and prevent aging.

Alright, you will feel your pores have diminished after that.

Thoughts after use:
As you all know, pimples or acne won't simply disappear like that, but it had some improvement. I can feel how my pores have diminished after first use and I bet you sure will feel "sweet" of its cacao/ chocolate scent, it is really really sweet! I ♥ this! The Cacao Soap however, it cleanse my face deeply as I can feel my face is really clean and instantly brighten up after that. For the Camellia Soap, it was hydrating my skin, and better use after Cacao Mask. Yes, I recommend to use warm water with Camellia Soap after your mask, because it is hard to wash off if you use only the cold water and without soap. Kindly remind, some of you may feel heat after product usage as there is heating effect on the product itself (This is for open pores and remove dirt on skin.), but not all the skin will feel the heat effect, so, no worries.


Now ONLY RM 79.90 instead of RM 107.90 at Hermo.

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