One day trip : Farm In The City, Seri Kembangan

April 17, 2014

Farm In The City.

It was a Sunday Morning, alright, I went to Farm in the City two years ago. Is it too late to post it now? Anyway, this is a good place for you to breath the fresh air, relax your mind and have a memorable family day with your kids. After I had my breakfast, I went to my destination-of-the-day : Farm In The City a.k.a. 城の农场 with a very good mood. ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Opened its door on June, 2012. This farm is at Seri Kembangan, seems like so far? It's just around AEON Taman Equine or behind the Equine Park Giant. I reached there around 10.30 am and the weather is just so nice. *I can't really open my eyes*


Farm in the City (FITC) is an unique concept that combines the elements of wildlife and nature set in a designed environment of a conservation park. For your information, FITC plans to become a focal point for tourism in the estate by providing educational and entertaining insights into the lifestyle and setting of a Malaysian village, fruit orchard and farm with its natural plants and wildlife. It is within the FITC's aim to be more than just a public farm and petting zoo. FITC is a park that is COMPLETELY FREE OF CAGES. All animals are allowed to roam free in special enclosure which mimic as closely as possible to their natural habitat.

Wristband of the day.

First of all, you can see the GIANT Aldabra Tortoise is waiting for you all to feed it at there. Don't be afraid, it won't eat people although it is giant in size. It only eats grass, leaves and fruits. You can just take the feeding veggies to feed them. When you walk near to them with food, they will move towards you quickly and I can say SPEEDY! LOL! How efficient it is, this 2nd giant tortoise in the world! Funny! ˋ( ° ▽﹑°) ) Then you can see other species of tortoise and some reptiles, be careful when you go through Reptiles Cavern, they are everywhere! Woohoo!

It only eats the leaves =_=

So hungry huh?

Other species.

Hidden tortoise.

Mr snake was sleeping that time.

My all-time-favorite : Iguana. ♥

After that, you will enter the Bird Aviary!

Different birds at here!

Mr Peacock! ♥

I will never forget how the Bangladesh Goat jumped and punched my breast, so pain I swear!
Every time I think back of it, Arghhh! So pain weyyy! (╥_╥)
So, parents... Please take care of your children, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere.

I look excited that time huh? 

Her full body, she is so heavy!

Scarecrow in the farm.

"Kampung Girl" looks so happy.

Mooooo~ Shila!

Shila's best friend : Ronaldo. =P

You can see the Rest House at there after that!
Just rest a while before you go to your next attraction. ♥

Fish Feeding here we go! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Ring the bell and all the swam will swim towards you to have their lunch. =D

After fish feeding, there are guinea pig and rabbits waiting for you.

So cute right? 

Hi all, this is my rabbit! 

After catching your "longkang" fish, you will then enter the Butterflies Cage!
Small waterfall at here.


Random pic from FITC FB page.

Random pic from FITC FB page.

Random pic from FITC FB page : Brahminy Kite.

Raccoon in the cage.


Another reptiles here.

ET rat.

A cute pony here! ♥

Farm in the City is really an unique farm without cages and have educational programs targeted at school-children and people of all ages on the theme of conservation and preservation. It is really good to have this type of farm experience, but I heard that it changed and improved a lot within 2 years, more mature in farm management and have more different species of animals, birds and reptiles now. Animal show are available at 11.30 am and 3.30 pm . Why not you all go to visit and experience yourself? *wink* Let's enjoy the farm in the city! ♥

How to go there?
Lot 40187 - 40188, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat,
Bandar Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan.

Monday : 10am till 6pm
Wednesday - Friday : 10am till 6pm
Saturday, Sunday, : 9.30am till 6pm
School/Public Holidays

More info? Click here to their FB page.
Normal Price : RM 48 for adult ; RM 38 for children below 12 years old.
MYKAD Price : RM 30 for adult ; RM 25 for children below 12 years old.

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