Japanese Snack: 東京ばな奈 [Tokyo Banana with chocolate banana cream]

April 03, 2014

Must-have : Selfie with Tokyo Banana. =P

東京ばな奈 (a.k.a. Tokyo Banana), we have seen the pictures everywhere on Instagram/ Facebok/ Twitter, we have heard friends raving about it, we have seen people buying them home from Japan as No 1 Souvenirs, but what exactly is this delectable snack that everyone keeps raving about? 

Tokyo Banana is a must have novelty snack that you can only buy in Japan. They are mostly banana flavor, yellow sponge cakes filled with banana custard that resembles a mini-banana. They come in a box of 4, 8, 12 or 16 pieces, and comes in various flavors such as chocolate, caramel, banana shake and strawberry. 

Leopard Tokyo Banana— 12, 8 and 4 pieces in a box.

It packed nicely in the box.
So cute right, the little pink bow packaging. ♥

This cake is just about palm size,
and "stay" inside the tray with the plastic wrap.

The leopard spots! Awww! ♥
So wanna eat this again!

The sponge itself is so soft and light, the custard inside is chocolate banana flavor.
Well, the texture of the custard fillings is really creamy,
I can say it is awesome with the real-banana-flavor, it is not too sweet. 

Wanna have some? *wink*

This Limited Edition Leopard Spots Tokyo Banana Tree can only be bought at the Sky Tree Tower as it is launched to celebrate the opening of the tower, that's why it has its name as Tokyo Banana Tree. For other Tokyo Banana flavor, you can purchase them at any convenient stores in major stations, Narita or Haneda Airport. Price is from 500 yen (for a pack of 4 pieces), about RM 16~ RM 17. Kindly remind, Tokyo Banana have a shelf life of seven (7) days starting from their date of manufacturing. Click here to their official website to know more. ♥

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