Hello Kitty "Circus of Life" Plushies are now available at McDonald's Malaysia

May 01, 2014

Who is coming back to McDonald's? I think most of you know about this already!
Hello Kitty's "Circus of Life" Plushies are now available at McDonald's nationwide.
I'm one of the Hello Kitty fans and wait for these Kitty Cats so long already. ╮(╯_╰)╭
For the next two weeks (Every Thursday!!!) beginning today, 1 May 2014,
you can collect your six (6) exclusive limited edition Hello Kitty Plush Toy at only RM 10.95 each (Last time was RM 9.95 each!!!)
with any purchase (The cheapest one I think is buy two items from McSavers to have two Hello Kitty Plush Toys, but I heard that some restaurants force people to buy two set meal?!! Have to split into two different receipt too?! Are you kidding?), exclusively at 24 hours McDonald's Restaurants!

McDonald's "Circus of Life" Hello Kitty Series:
1 May - 7 May : Clown & Magician
8 May - 14 May : Chimp & Trapeze
15 May - 21 May : Dare Devil & Animal Tamer 

  • You may purchase one (1) Hello Kitty toy at RM 10.95 with every purchase of one (1) A-la-Carte item / One (1) meal from the menu. If you wish to purchase two (2) Hello Kitty toys at RM 10.95, you will need to purchase two (2) items.
  • "Circus of Life "Hello Kitty toys are original Sanrio products by Sanrio Japan.
  • Can I buy the Kitty Cats A-la-Carte? Yes, you can purchase them A-la-Carte at RM 15.95.
  • Hong Kong Set have Dumbo & Elephant, but didn't have Magician & Dare Devil.

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