Event: 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo, Viva Home

March 14, 2014

Doraemon's magical bottomless 4D pocket is a wonderful bag of memories and wonders. From the magical take-copter, to the wondrous time machine, everything that has come out from that pocket has been a beautiful and unforgettable part of our childhood memories. Throughout these years, Fujiko Fujio's creation has represented our friendship and future, and also shaped our dreams.

I will blog about this 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo, which held at VIVA HOME EXPO in Malaysia. If you have yet go to visit this largest Doraemon exhibition, action now, it is the first in South East Asia and going to end soon on 23 March 2014 (Sunday). Let's the pictures tell you the story. *wink*

The eyes!

The ticket is nicer than the online ticket.
*Can keep for your memory also.*


Let's enter the time tunnel.

Aww! Wish to go with Doraemon too!

The process of manufacturing.

Doraemon was originally yellow in color and born 100 years in the future (on year 2112 to be exact), but the poor fellow had his ears bitten off by a robot mouse while its in the factory. Depressed, the cried and cried and cried non-stop, until his tears washed off his original yellow paint, revealing his now iconic blue body.

The description put behind the Doraemon really make me SWT.

Iconic blue body now.

It's time to enter the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo!

Dimension Door a.k.a. Can-go-anywhere-door! ♥

There are 100 different Doraemon figures!
*I only take some la actually.

Each of them holding different secret gadgets!

Nobita Nobi (大雄) marry with Minamoto Shizuka (静香) !!!

After that is Doraemon Comic Area!

With some manuscript and translate in Chinese.

This girl love to hide behind the door. XD

After Comic Area, you can immerse yourself in the world of Doraemon with a recreation of scenes and locations from the cartoon!
Let's say Hi to Mr Nobi and his wife. =P

I love this place!

Special concert with a performance by Gian! XD

I love this classical scene very much! 

Gian (技安).

Honegawa Suneo (小夫).

Arghhh! So sad.. T_T

Look at them.


Random 1.

Random 2.

Wish to eat this so long already! 

Parallela Unbrella.

Last but not least, bring home some exclusive Doraemon Merchandise.

You can have some snack at 100 Cafe after Game Zone. =P



Last picture!

Thanks for reading guys!
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