Dove Malaysia: 21 days to beautiful, radiant skin with School of Skindulgence

March 07, 2014

Now learn to let your skin indulge in what it deserves!

Have you follow my Instagram (@colney) and realise that what I post recently is all about skindulgence? Dove Malaysia know how we love selfies and showing off what we eat, do and love on Instagram, so there is a contest of eat right, loving yourself stay active with Dove's School of Skindulgence. This is a 21-days-Instagram-sharing activity/ contest where ten (10) winners will be whisked away to Krabi and win weekly prizes for the best photos. So, why not? ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Make a habit out of Skindulging yourself everyday, and snap photos of your committed practice for 21 days. Simple as that! They will select the top 10 sets of photos, and jet the deserving winners off to a magnificent island for absolute pampering and relaxation. Sounds great but how it works?

Click here to start registering.

For a chance to win, post at least one (1) photo a day, with a minimum posting of seven (7) photos per pillar (Eating right, Stay active & Loving yourself) throughout 21 days.
*The minimum total number of photographs to qualify for the Grand Prize is 21 photos (7 per pillar). The maximum total number of photographs is 63 photos (21 per pillar). Still blur? No worries, it has a very neat and systematic application on FB for you. Just look at the description below ans register now.

You are what you eat and.. so is your skin.
Getting young, supple skin means feeding yourself the right food.

: Eating what you need to eat :
Instagram it, and tag #eatright #skindulgence

Exercise isn't just for getting a gorgeous body, it's for gorgeous skin too!
Squeezing a little exercise into your tight schedule will yield huge benefits.

: Getting physically active :
Instagram it, and tag #stayactive #skindulgence

Love yourself and your skin will love you back!
Don't be shy about taking time off to get pampered.
You can only be as good as the care you give yourself.

: Showering with Dove Body Wash :
Instagram it, and tag #betterthanmilk #skindulgence

Are you ready to experience Skindulgence?


Start from today!

Thanks for reading guys! ♥
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