Review: Za-Cosmetics Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge [RD411] ♥

February 25, 2014

Color up and shine bright! ♥

A revolution in Rouge - Lipstick and Lip Gloss become ONE. Yes, you see it rightly! Introducing Za-cosmetics newest 2-in-1 Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge, with glossy color effect, you can easily get 2 effects in just 1 step now! Excited?

Lipstick x Lip gloss

Total 10 shades in the market. 

Get the glamorous lips you always dreamed of! Achieve the perfect rich color of the lipstick and full glamorous wet shine of lip gloss with a single application now with the revolutionary Rich Glam Rouge! The rouge color layer is securely locked in by the gloss layer, so the glossy, dewy color lasts. The rich, thick liquid instantly wraps even dry, rough lips, making the vertical lines and roughness less visible. No worries, it is dermatologist-tested. ♥

Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge (RD411) Details:
By: Za-Cosmetics.
From: Made in Taiwan.
Weight: 4.5 gram NET.
Colour: Rich Shiny Red

Pigment: Prismatic Red Pigment.
Others: Comes with Honey Collagen Complex and Vitamin E.

The secret of Za Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge!

Unique spoon-shaped curve design! 

The color is rich enough.

Just apply it with its unique spoon-shaped curve.

Perfect, glamorous, wet shine with a single application.

Thoughts after apply:
Za 2-in-1 Liquid Rouge gives a smooth liquid texture that will moisture your lips by their Honey Collagen Complex and Vitamin E. Yes, it is super moisturizing and it doesn't have any sticky feel. Moreover, the liquid rouge itself have a spoon-shaped curve that can fit your lips very well. Surprisingly, my lips didn't crack after a whole day out! Lipstick with lip gloss shine, why not? Give it a try and you will fall for it very soon like me! ♥

When RD411 Rouge faces the Sun.

Thanks for reading guys! ♥
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