Review: Kiwi AC+ 7 days Acne-Free Trial Pack

February 11, 2014

Do you have acne problem? Do you know that acne problem is caused by both internal and external factors? We should approach the natural treatment instead of prescribed medication right? Formulation from Japan, Kiwi AC+ is a beauty drink for trouble skin that helps to heal our acne problem (such as blemish, inflammation and oily skin problem) that caused by hormone imbalance, genetic inherit, lack of sleep, medication reaction and etc.

Skin clearing from inside out? Looks like not bad? Heard that it can perfectly balances sebum secretion, while enhances the anti-oxidization and anti-inflammation properties, giving the most natural solution to clear our acne, refines open pores, lightens post acne marks/ scars and strengthen skin's immunity & self repair. So, I'm going to review this Kiwi AC+ 7 days Trial Pack today!

Received this parcel before CNY.

Common packaging.

How does it work?
1. Inhibits 5 alpha-reductase to convert testosterone into DHT which stimulate sebaceous gland enlargement and sebum hyper-secretion.

2. Prevent P. acnes to release lipase that dissolve the triglyceride and flow as free fatty acid in the skin. Subsequently, activate skin inflammatory factors.

Back-to-school Time!

Let's not waste your time to study the above figure, 
see my testimonial or review now.

Before | Bare face with messy hair!

Acne Marks everywhere with a new pimples on my right face.

Start my Kiwi AC+ Journey after sleepless-nights-during-CNY!

It's something like this, mixture of green and white powder.
(I think the green color one is the Golden Kiwi? *nonsense*)

Dissolve one sachet of Kiwi AC+ in 100~150 ml room temperature water and it will become like this.
Kindly remind, consume it after meal if you have gastric problem.

How about this Eclat D'or Mask?

I used this mask sheet after I consumed my last sachet of Kiwi AC+. For your information, Eclat D'or Mask is a silk placenta mask sheet from France. It helps to control surplus oil secretion, anti acne, keeps the skin clean & moist and restores youthful appearances. Yes, you see it rightly, it is an acne-rescue-mask! You can use it 3 times per week, after cleanse and tone your face. Continue use for one month to have a better result.

Super-bare-face after mask my face.

Thoughts after use:
It is delicious with its kiwi taste without any fishy feel! Awesome! I hate fishy taste but this Kiwi AC+ really have the natural kiwi taste which I like the most! It is effective yet safe as I observe that some of my acne marks fade after I try for one week. I can see the improvement on my face, less pimples while pores are finer! So far, I didn't see any side effects. You know what? The most obvious one is my new-pop-out-pimples on my right face, it simply "disappears" like that without any inflammationIt contains 170% Vitamin C of our daily intake, means I don't need to take extra Vitamin C tablets when I have this. I wish so much to have more sachets of Kiwi AC+ now to see how amazing it is! Eclat D'or Mask however, one sheet of mask actually can't see much differences and it is not really suitable for dry skin but I think that it works well on oily/ oily combination skin? You may try it if you have oily skin. Till then. xoxo


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  1. Wow, after a week your skin completely cleared! Maybe I should try this hihi great review babe! ^_^

    1. Not completely but partially cleared, I think that it is because of the light problem, that's why it looks like completely cleared. ╮(╯_╰)╭ Anyhow, I will buy extra to consume continually to have a better result.

  2. Was this KIWI AC + help you clear all the pimples?


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