Book Up: Unwanted textbook is not a problem now

February 07, 2014

I think that this picture can explain how my room looks like?
*Picture credits to Google.

Burning midnight oil? Read my post now to reduce some stress. =P
It's all about books today! Not sure how many of you have the same problem like me, but I think that it can very headache if you see all your books are messy and untidy in your room. People will say, "This is messy because of yourself!" Yes, this is one of the reasons, but I think that when there is a very limited space for your unlimited books, no matter how hardworking you are, it will go to the same condition as shown in the picture above. *Nightmare*

What's the problem now? My house keeps tons of books include textbooks, magazine, novels, etc, which are occupied all the bookcase in my house. Not only this, it will get worse if you are a college or uni student. You know right, different textbooks are waiting for you in each semester. Most of them are not really affordable and this can make us so stress to find a cheaper revision book. How to clean up this mess and maybe we can earn some extra pocket money from them?

I found Book Up !!!

Various variety of books with a cheaper price.

Book Up knows us so well, it can help us to solve our problem now! It is an online platform for us to sell our unwanted books and we can buy books for a cheaper price! They have various variety of books like Business & Financial, Engineering, Language, Law, Non-fiction, Others, Chinese Books, and so on. Well, it is so touch to have Book Up now. T_T Where to find textbooks from RM 18 onwards? They understand that unwanted textbooks is our problem and helps us to turn our problem into cash. How it works?

How to sell? Simple as that! 

# 1 Used Textbooks from RM 18 onwards

# 2 FREE delivery for orders above RM 100 for Peninsular Malaysia.

#3 Cash for books!

What are you waiting for?
Log on Book Up to know more now.

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