Year of the Wood Horse (2014): BaZi Chart by Dato' Joey Yap

January 31, 2014

Do you believe in Feng Shui & Astrology? For me, I believe. This is not about blind faith or superstition, I think that it can be explained in Science sometime and it is something like the wisdom or knowledge from our elders or ancestors. I'm just summarize what I know for this 2014 Wood Horse Year today! Continue to read if you wanna learn something about BaZi for this year.

The year of the Wood Horse is the 2nd of the three "FIRE" years that began last year. Means the more determined and ambitious amongst you are those who will enjoy the greatest measure of success these year. This describes the extended energy of the year and it is easy to imagine a powerful horse galloping strongly. For this year, the four "EARTH" signs - Dragon, Dog, Sheep and Ox, are at their strongest in terms of confidence levels and inner strength.

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According to the BaZi (八字) Chart for 2014, Water and Earth are missing and this indicates that this year is not going to be pleasant. With the Wood element strengthening the Fire of the Horse in a productive cycle, can say that there may well be an excess of FIRE. As I said, three "fire" year, Fire element is the strongest in this year and followed by Wood and Metal; In other words, if you have Fire, Wood or Metal in your personal BaZi Chart, your Wood Horse Year will be an awesome year!
*You can obtain your BaZi Profiling & Life Star Chart at here.

Besides that, when it comes to wealth luck, it will be those born with the Fire element in their heavenly stems that will enjoy the most excellent prosperity in 2014. (Includes the 18 years old Fire Rat, 17 years old Fire Ox, 28 years old Fire Tiger, 27 years old Fire Rabbit, 38 years old Fire Dragon, 37 years old Fire Snake, 48 years old Fire Horse, 47 years old Fire Sheep, 58 years old Fire Monkey, 57 years old Rooster, 68 years old Fire Dogs and the 67 years old Fire Boar.) Congratulation, you can attract money luck in your way and financial stability comes easily!

From career perspective, industries for Fire element (such as restaurant with "big hot fire", petrol / fuel, airlines, outer space, metaphysics, services and etc) will prosper in this Wood Horse Year.

Hungry with empty stomach. Till then. 

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