Spasso Milano, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

January 06, 2014

Are you craving for Italian Food recently? *wink* Located at Level 6 of Pavilion, Spasso Milano opened its door in 2010; It is the Kuala Lumpur's newest contemporary Italian restaurant which offers cuisine which represents the gambit of all things Italian. From a simple garlic bread; pizza base covered with fresh garlic, olive oil and sea salt; right through to tempting desserts for the sweet tooth, the journey is one to savour. With a separate bar, outdoor veranda, poolside area and formal dining room, Spasso offers an opportunity for everyone to sit back and enjoy the gastronomic sensations prepared by Chef Felice Martinelli. Nothing represents the Italian lifestyle quite the way Spasso Milano does.

Spasso Milano.

I was there on mid-December, 2013 with my friends! Yes, we had our Christmas-theme-outing on that day, click here to view. As usual, order lunch set is much easier for me. Orz.  Lunch Set comes with some appetizers, drinks, dessert and a main dish. Price is stated below. You can take the soup of the day, grilled vegetables, salad, bread, fruits and cakes as many as you want from the Antipasti Bar. For your information, Antipasti is an Italian word meaning literally "Before the meal", and is the appetizer or hors d'oeuvre. I didn't take any picture of food at the bar because the food there are almost finish at lunch time. Let's see the pictures of that day now. =D

Lunch Special ( 12 PM - 3 PM, Daily )

Antipasti Bar
Soup of the Day | Grilled Vegetables | Salad Bar | Bread Focaccia

Ice Lemon Tea or Chilled Fruit Juice

Main Dish
(Select one main from Pizza, Pasta or Meat & Seafood)

Margherita                                                       RM 24.80
Prosciutto / Baked Honey Ham                        RM 32.80
Portofino / Prawns and Rocket                        RM 38.80

Napolitana                                                       RM 24.80
Beef Lasagna                                                   RM 28.80 
Carbonara Grill Prawn & Zucchini                    RM 38.80

Meat & Seafood
Chicken Fillet in Mushrooms Sauce                  RM 28.80
Golden Snapper Fillet with Artichoke              RM 28.80
Beef Piccata on Mescium Salad                       RM 38.80

Fruits & Cakes

*Subject to 10% Service Charge & 6% Government Tax.

Random picture.

Some grilled vegetables.

The creamy pumpkin soup! ♥

It's just located in front of what you see in this picture. =P

These are the main dishes that ordered by us. WooHoo!
Prosciutto, Napolitana and Chicken Fillet in Mushrooms Sauce.

#1 Prosciutto or Baked Honey Ham Pizza. ♥

#2 Napolitana Pasta. ♥

#3 Chicken Fillet in Mushrooms Sauce. ♥

After all the above food, of course must have some dessert right? 

Unstoppable. *wink*

Last but not least, this is Colney on that day! =P

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10.
The food  are delicious with its unique Italian Style! I'm satisfied with it although it is a bit pricey for students. I have no complain about the food quality. Not much choices on Appetizers, but I recommend the creamy Pumpkin Soup as the texture is really smooth and creamy! *thumbs up* But, I think that the portion of pasta and meat & seafood are quite small, I suggested to have pizza as the portion is slightly bigger. I can still remember how awesome of the taste of Prosciutto Pizza and the Napolitana Pasta just so delicious in its own way! ♥ Chicken Fillet in Mushrooms Sauce however, it is tasty but I just simply feel like the sauce they given is too little for me, I love the wet type. ╮(╯_╰)╭ Anyway, I will definitely pay another visit again in the future. But, this is their Lunch Special, I haven't try other main course yet, will give it a try on next time. Stay tuned! ♥ Give it a try too if you wanna try some Italian food recently.

Log on to Spasso Milano to get more info.

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