Review: Collistar Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate & Intensive Abdomen and Hip Treatment

January 14, 2014

This is the second workshop about the "Shape Up with Collistar" that hosted by Sasa Malaysia after the October Workshop 1 (Click here to view back). This time, in the mid-November 2013, I went to the Workshop 2, it is about "Fat Burning & Slimming"! I was there to learn about how to get rid of my Stubborn Fats! *Fighting*

After cellulite softening, cellulite is now easier to burn and it's the crucial stage to shape up! So, I got my Collistar Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate and Collistar Intensive Abdomen and Hip Treatment to get rid of my stubborn fats after that. I'm going to show you about the texture or the functions of each of them today! (For Water Retention people, you can get Collistar Water Retention Scrub and Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate for a better result.)

You can check your BMI first to know if you are under normal range.
*This is quite familiar right? I know that most of you know about your BMI very well already.

The differences of fat cells between men and women.

Water Retention can make the Cellulite appears too!

What is the function of Mesotherapy?
This is a procedure in which multiple tiny injection of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, etc are delivered into mesodermal layer of tissue under the skin, to promote the loss of fat of cellulite. 

Overall, Mesotherapy and Biorevitalizing are two (2) techniques used in cosmetic medicine based on the principle of in-depth administration of active ingredients through transdermal injections. The active ingredients in Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate are Meso-Dren Complex (for draining and lipolytic) and Bio-shape Complex (for Biorevitalizing and restore firmness).

#1 Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentate, 200 ml, RM 185 ♥

Just twist it to the LEFT, OFF-> ON, then you can start to squeeze out the product.

Five special metal spheres which performs an effective micro massage.
*Products will come out from the middle hole when you squeeze it.

Overall for this product: 
The unique innovative roller applicator which transform an exclusive micro massage and it gives me the comfortable cooling effect. The slightly green products is easy to apply with the roller given, it can massage the products to penetrate into our skin quickly without any stickiness. It does help to reactivate the microcirculation, stimulate the drainage fluids, and stimulate the production of elastic fibers. The packaging is not only aesthetically perfect, it is also highly effective and extremely practical. I can feel that my concerned areas is getting firmer day by day. *This is another Star Product of Collistar! *wink*

#2 Intensive Abdomen and Hip Treatment, 250 ml, RM 165 ♥

You can see the small and granule-type-things in the product.

Overall for this product:
This specialty performs a targeted and intensive action on the abdomen and hips during nights, when the metabolism of fat is particularly active. The draining power of Echinacea stem cells is boosted by the slimming properties of Coralline Algae extract, which inhibits the nocturnal assimilation of fat, and the firming and recompacting properties of Collistar Reshaping Complex. The special structure with Micro-Patch® holds in the active principles and releases them gradually, making the treatment effective all through the night and producing visible right from the first application. The slimming action is further increased by the addition of hot chili pepper and menthol which, by stimulating the microstimulation, flavour the physiological elimination of fat. However, the product gives me a slightly HOT feel after each use. Not only HOT, but the texture of the product is quite sticky and hard to absorb with a strong smell. Kindly remind, please wash your hands after each use! Anyway, the result is quite satisfied and you all should give it a try. 

Okay, that's all for today's review. Thanks for reading my post. 
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  1. Thank you for the information. I will be reviewing it soon and will let you know if we have any follow-up questions.
    5 Signs that You Need a Biorevitalization Treatment Thank you for sending this info. I learned alot from it.


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