Review: Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set [Natta Cosme] ♥

January 07, 2014

I am a happy kid. ~\(≧▽≦)/~

I received the fabulous Make Up Brush Set from Natta Cosme end of the year, 2013 is really an unforgettable year, it brought me luck and happiness, I'm really appreciate what I have learnt from last year. *Appreciated* Thanks to those who encourage me to start this blog, thanks to those who always give me chances to review this and that, and also thanks to those who accompany me to go here and there! *A deep bow*

After some appreciation words, I will be reviewing this Seven (7) pieces of Cerro Qreen Pink Cosmetic Make Up Brushes. Girls or boys, look at here, you will fall for this Make Up Brush Set too! *wink* Thanks to Natta Cosme for this pinkish make up brush set, my heart is still melting when I see it, it's just too "kawaii" and pinkish. How girly I am? Guess yourself. =P

Natta Cosme never fail to surprise me with the parcel packaging.

I was wondering what is it inside the small box, It's FR Chocolate!
*The BEST dessert to welcome the sweet 2014!

Girls being girls.
Must have a selfie with this cute pinkish brush set. ♥

Seven pieces of pink brushes are just too adorable! ♥

Details of Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Make Up Brush Set:
Brush Handle: Wooden Rod
Brush Material: Anti-Bacterial 0.05mm Mini-Fibre Wool
Color: Pink
Content: Seven (7) pieces
Make Up Specification: Normal/ Travel Size
Weight: 85 gram.

#1 Powder Brush or Blush Brush

#2 Eyeshadow Brush in different sizes.

#3 Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Eyelash Brush

Clearer in comparison.

There are many different Cerro Qreen Make Up Brush Set to be chosen too!
*Click here to have a look.

Was thinking this brush set is so nice to create a Natural-Big-Eyes-Innocence-Look.

Use the Eyeshadow Brush with your eyeshadow.
Earth tone Eyeshadow is a must to create a natural look.
*Fyi, I was using the Benefit Cosmetics Products to create this look.

"Blush" your cheeks to have a well complexion.
*Sorry for using the lousy camera to take this picture.

Big-Eyes-Innocent-Look is Completed! ↖(^ω^)↗
*This is not a tutorial post, so I won't teach you how to do this (maybe in the future?),
just play around with your brushes & eyeshadow then you will get it soon.
Practice makes perfect!

I look into your eyes.

Verdict: 4 our of 5.
This Cerro Qreen Brush Set comes in seven pieces with my favorite pink (You can find other colors of this brush set at Natta Cosme too!) is a PLUS for me. I like the sleek PU leather pouch too, it is simple yet elegant. The 0.05mm mini-fibre wool bristle however, it is so soft & comfortable and won't make your skin irritate easily, very suitable for those who have a sensitive skin. I like the pink wool bristle so much, so I'm now so hardworking to clean the brushes after each use to prevent it becomes dirty. The most important part- PRICE! You know what, you can own this brush set for only RM 29.52 at Natta Cosme, very affordable right? So if you are looking for a cheap yet effective starter make up brush set, I think this set is a good deal since this set covers the basic brushes that you need. Last but not least, thanks to Natta Cosme for this, I'm quite satisfied with the design, colour, quality and the price of this set of brushes. *Wish to have more collaboration now.

What I like for this brush set:
It's PINK! Comes with a PINK pouch ! *Pink-mania*
It's cheap for 7 different brushes at RM 29.52 NOW !
It is easy to wash & anti-bacterial !
♥ It's multi-funtional (Eyeliner Brush <-->Lip Brush ; Eyelash Brush <-->Eyebrow Brush) !
 It's convenient and very lightweight (suitable for travelling) !
The brush bristle is so soft with PINK color and it doesn't shed !

Have a nice day! *wink*

Thanks so much for reading guys! 
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