Mediviron UOA Clinic: Review of Fractional CO2 Laser 2

January 28, 2014

My Day-3-Face after treatment with Taiwanese Beauty Guru, Liu Yen.

Hi peeps! I am back with a Fractional CO2 Laser post today. I think that nobody is completely know what causes acne? Experts believe the main cause is a rise in androgen levels ( It is a type of hormone.)? For your information, androgen levels rise when a human becomes an adolescent, rising androgen levels make the "oil" glands under our skin grow and become overactive. The enlarged gland produces more oil; Excessive sebum can break down cellular walls in our pores, causing bacteria to grow and infect the plugged follicles.

Some might believe that one of the reason that causes acne is genetic. Well, for me, I think that my problem forms is because of hormone imbalance. Hormonal imbalances cause too much of sebum to form, making the glands bigger and causing pores to block that become worsened by dirt and bacteria erupting in pimples and cysts.

Doctor was "checking" my face-condition.

Back to the topic now, I had my second treatment of Fractional CO2 Laser at Mediviron UOA Clinic on last week. People asked me, "You are still so young, why you wanna go to laser your face?" Yes, I am so young, but no matter how old you are, you will feel more confident in front of others if you are looking good right? According to doctor, pores become clogged if there is too much of sebum and too many dead skin cells. Therefore, I had my skin-peeling-treament on last two weeks, click here to refer.

I decided to have another laser treatment again after some discussions with my doctor. For your information, my face condition is much better after Superficial TCA Peeling Treatment. So, it's time to get better now! Numb my face first as usual. *Feel like I'm so used to it already, Oh NO!*

Selfie is a must to calm down.

Thanks for washing off the excess of numbing cream on my face!

After wash my face, it's time to be nervous weyyy! You never know how nervous you are until you see the machine is switched on and hear the sound of "ngii ngiiii ngiiiiiiii", yes, I'm trying to scare you all. *evil smile* I am super nervous on my first time, but now, I am used to it already. And I have more clearer pictures to show you all now. Wanna have a look? Continue to read my post now.

Oh my god, this angle so ugly weyy!
Nevermind, doctor looks good!

Laser beam goes so fast.

You can see the grid-like-dots form.

After the laser energy micro beams to break down my skin tissue.

After laser treatment, my face was covered by this Lutronic Healite II to have my LED Phototherapy.

I will have another review post for this LED Phototherapy soon, but not today, so stay tuned! Today is all about Fractional CO2 Laser only. After 20 minutes of LED Phototherapy, my face is so "weak", have to take care of it nicely of course. Sunscreen cream is a must after that. Thanks a lot to doctor and other staff of Mediviron UOA Clinic, especially Joan, she took care of me nicely and she did extra jobs while others are busying on their own business. Thanks for accompanying me, I appreciate so much. ♥

Grid line is all over my face again as shown in the pictures. My face was swollen on the first day. Grid-like-dots will become tiny-brown-dots on the next day and they will begin to drop off in the shower around day 3 to day 6. It took almost a week for all the little brown scabs to dry up and fall off my face. Besides that, Dr Jasmine gave me some antibiotic to "fight" my acne problem! Thank you so much!

Tiny Brown Scabs drop off from my face.

Day 1: Face still red and swollen with grid line dots.
Day 3: Some tiny scabs drop off, but I have some make up on my face.
Day 6: Almost all scabs had drop off except forehead part.

Day 1: Red like tomato, but it is still okay.
Day 3: It is actually not that obvious if you look from far.
Day 6: Face back to normal, looks fairer and skin tone became more even.

Day 7: Forehead still have some scabs, pores size getting smaller, but left cheek still have two obvious acne marks.

After a week, I noticed that my pores have diminished and my complexion is brighter now. But still, it has two obvious acne marks on my left cheek as shown in the figure above. Wanna know the improvement of my face or how it will be after that? Stay tuned!

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