Mediviron UOA Clinic: Review of Superficial TCA Peels

January 12, 2014

I began my Aesthetic Journey since last year with Mediviron UOA Clinic. It's time to share about my experiences about the changes of my skin in this whole month. *wink* Just in case you do not know about Mediviron UOA Clinic yet, click here to view my first consultation at there and book for your FREE Aesthetic Consultation too from Monday to Thursday! Okay, let's see some pictures now to explain my face.

My face is RED like tomato and grid line is all over my face after the first treatment.
*This is the last picture that I show you all in the previous post.

A selfie of mine after two weeks of the treatment.

People asked me few questions through Email:
1. How long is the healing time and what will you look?
- My face was swollen on the first day, then the tiny scabs will begin to slough off or drop off in the shower around day 3 to day 5. I felt that my skin is soft, dewy and extremely smooth after that. I have to prevent stay out of the Sun and use Sunscreen is a must. I recommend you to stay at home for about 5 days. I go out as usual as I wear a mask or sunglasses, I can go anywhere.

2. How many sessions are necessary?

- This is depends on the condition you are treating. For example, people with acne scars may need around 3-5 treatments while a person doing a facial rejuvenation usually only needs one treatment. Anyway, doctor will give you a consultation before treatment, no worries.

3. Is it painful?

- Well, they will put numbing cream first (just before your treatment) and you may feel a little discomfort like the sensation of heat and something like "Ant-Bites", but I assure you it is worth.

4. What is your thoughts?
- Some of the wrinkles and spots are simply disappear like that. My face texture is improved dramatically; It feels so soft and smooth like what I have explained just now. 

However, from my last treatment which is the Fractional CO2 Laser until today is more than one month already, it's time to have my another visit at Mediviron UOA Clinic as acne are visit me again due to my sleepless nights around Christmas and New Year time! I feel so sorry to my skin already. T_T I will sleep as early as possible after this I swear! *Who knows?*

The day before I went to Mediviron UOA Clinic.
*You can see the redness of the acne marks and some new pimples on my face.

For this time, doctor suggested to peel my skin with the Superficial tri-chloroacetic (TCA) Peels. This is one of the original skin rejuvenation peels. TCA peels have a burning sensation when initially applied, which subsides in a couple of minutes as it neutralises. But, thanks to the numbing cream on my face, I didn't feel any burning sensation during the whole treatment. It is fast, easy and it won't feel pain of course! However, it has a strong acidic smell of the product.

After the application is completed, my face was cooling down by the Cold Pack with the help of Stephanie, thanks a lot! This is for reducing the sting on my face and I can feel the COLD although my face was feeling so numb that time. The good thing is, you can apply your make up immediately right after the treatment. I can't stay longer under the Sun for a week again. For my skin changes however, my skin is so tight and a bit dry with moderate redness on the first day. After that, my skin is started to be a "wrinkled-skin" (No worries, it is in the preparation of peel.), and it will peel off day by day. (Let's see the below pictures for a better understanding.)

Numb-Face-Selfie in the Asthetic Premier Room.

Doctor was applying Peeling Product on my face patiently, thanks!

Oh My Bare Face!

Cooling down my face to reduce the sting, thanks Stephanie!

This is SUPER COOL weyy!
*Thanks to Joan for taking some of the pictures here too! O(∩_∩)O

Feeling relax after that.

Can see the skin is peeling clearly after 3 days!

Forehead and chin still peeling on the 7th day.

After the very-tight-skin-phase on the very first day, my skin is back to normal now. I noticed that my skin is not that oily, and pimples won't simply "pop out" already! Special thanks to doctor, Joan, Stephanie and other staffs of Mediviron UOA Clinic for my last week visit. Want to know what will happen after that? Stay tuned! *wink*

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  2. Hi Colney,
    Saw your review on Mediviron UOA. May I know how is your skin condition now? Am considering to visit them to fix my skin problem. Been having breakouts at my lower cheek area and it's really frustrating. Thanks!

    1. Hi, my skin condition is quite good now, but it is hard to explain, I suggest that you can call for a FREE Aesthetic Consultation from Monday to Thursday, but if you only free on weekend, RM 60 will be charged for aesthetic consultation on Friday & Saturday if not mistaken. (The consultation fee will be converted to deposit upon signing up of any aesthetic procedure.)

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