Gaviscon: What to do when you suffer from heartburn or Indigestion

January 29, 2014

Biscuits biscuits, Chocolate chocolate! 

I can't believe that today is Chinese New Year Eve already, I'm so excited that Chinese New Year is already there, on my next morning! WooHoo! It's time to celebrate the Year of Horse with our family and friends. I wanna enjoy all the good food & beverage and I wish that all the good things will come to me in the Horse Year! Although eating is probably the most enjoyable part in Chinese New Year (This is what I think laaa~ XD), we all should know that over-eating or eating too much of certain food can trigger some unpleasant discomfort. Am I right?

I used to eat biscuit non-stop during Lunar New Year because I love to eat biscuits and love to enjoy snack while chit-chatting with friends and family. But I always suffer from heartburn or indigestion after that, are you same like me? Therefore, I find tons of solutions to settle this type of problem, especially during Chinese New Year! Be careful what you eat or maybe drink more water, NO soft drinks please! Do you know that most people will experience indigestion at some point in their lives, with 25% of adults suffering every month? It can be caused by the way you eat, the types of food you eat, the types of drinks you drink, overweight, smoking or maybe wearing tight clothes.

Butter Cookies always there for me! ♥ Fat and Heaty but I love them!

Must-have: Love Letter! My favorite! ♥

Don't wanna suffer to skip your favorite food & beverage? ╮(╯_╰)╭ Okay, I'm going to introduce Gaviscon to you all now. Gaviscon can help you to balance what you are eating and prevent yourself from any heartburn or indigestion discomfort. Sounds great right? But, you should understand the "Hot-Cold" properties of the food you eat and your body according to Chinese medicine first. No worries, let's refer the below info-graphic to know more about yourself now. =D

To determine whether you are a HOT, COLD or NEUTRAL Person, just refer and answer the above questions. For me, I am a COLD person, I have a slow heart rate, feel cold always and suffer from weak breathing so long. So, I should choose a combination of warming and neutral recipe such as Chili and Apples. Other than control what you eat, you can try Gaviscon, it is an easier way to go.

Gaviscon will form a "raft" over the stomach contents which helps prevent acid coming back up (acid reflux) into the esophagus (food pipe). The raft acts as a strong physical barrier and helps keep all the components of the stomach contents in the stomach where they work, not letting them seep back up into the esophagus where they hurt. Gaviscon works in three (3) minutes to provide long lasting relief of up to 4 hours (The effect on individuals may vary).

The terms heartburn and indigestion are often interchanged, but they are actually two different conditions.

1. Heartburn (Acid Reflux) - 胃灼热
- Occurs when acid, which normally sits within the protected lining of the stomach, escapes back up into the esophagus.
- The acid can irritates the lining because the esophagus is not as well protected as the stomach.
- This can cause painful symptoms such as burning, pain and a feeling of sickness.

2. Indigestion - 消化不良
- This can also be caused by acid irritation - hence the common confusion.
- this term "indigestion" encompasses a range of digestive symptoms.
- These tend to be milder - in comparison with heartburn - but include pain/ discomfort in the upper part of the stomach, sickness and nausea and an uncomfortable bloated feeling.

Anyway, I'm ready to enjoy my Horse Year already!
Are you ready? *wink*
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

You can watch the below video to have a better understanding.

Log on to Gaviscon to know more.

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