Chinese New Year coming very soon, let's have a good year together! ↖(^ω^)↗

January 21, 2014

Counting down to Chinese New Year...

Hi everyone! Chinese New Year is just around the corner! I love Chinese New Year, but I don't really like to socialise with all the aunties and uncles during Chinese New Year as they will repeat the same questions again and again every year, such as "When you wanna have a boyfriend?" or "When you wanna marry with your boy?" Sometime, you will feel so disgusting, but still... You have to answer them politely because they are all your elders! *Sweating* Anyway, I'm going to share about some CNY Decoration of KL Shopping Mall around the heart of KL's Golden Triangle. Let's the pictures below tell you the story! *wink*

1. Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Imbi

A huge "FOOK" Tang Lung Tube!

Really giant in size.

2. Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail

Many tang lung at there.

But I think nothing special?

3. Fahrenheit 88, Jalan Bukit Bintang


This is so cute for me. =P

Horse Year.

Tiger | Ox | Rat

Dragon | Rabbit

Snake | Sheep

Monkey | Rooster



4. Pavilion KL, Jalan Bukit Bintang



Horse horse horse.

The decoration of tang lung.

Like 80's Feel.

So wanna ride this bicycle weyy!

So lovely right? Can take pictures with your love one.

So red weyyy! I need more CNY feel.

This merry go round still at here? Orz.

Same. Many small horse at there.

Very tradition transport. LOL.

5. Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang

This is not the main entrance. =P

This is not the main point. Tsk tsk tsk.

Here it is! A huge-long-landscape-painting with a huge horse too!

This is very nice! ♥

I took tons of pictures in these shopping malls again. I suggest that if you wanna take picture with your own Chinese Zodiac, you can go to Fahrenheit 88 to have a look. There have a Simple description that will tell you about your Carrer, Health, Wealth and Love with your Lucky Number also. However, if you really wanna take pictures with your friends and family, I think that Pavilion is still the best choice for you as there are many theme and surprise at there, you can really have a good-picture-time with your love one! But I think that the Merry Go Round not so Chinese, so... =_=" It's okay! I love the huge landscape painting at Suria KLCC the most! How about you, what is your favorite? Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year in advance to you all! May you all have a great horse year! ♥


Last but not least, Sofia!
It's so hard to find a Westerner "tall" like me! =P

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