Chili's Grill & Bar, Mid Valley Megamall

January 26, 2014

My funny face with Chili's Menu! XD

Hey peeps! I'm back with a FOOD REVIEW post today! *Evil Smile* I'm going to introduce my All-Time-Favorite to you all, feeling so excited! ~\(≧▽≦)/~ Chili's Grill & Bar is a leading casual dining restaurant chain with a fun and energetic atmosphere where family and friends can gather over delicious meal. For your information, Chili's serves guests in more than 1,500 restaurants across the world in 31 countries, and I'm one of the fans of this casual dining restaurant. =P

In Malaysia, the first Chili's outlet is in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), a neighboring shopping complex located within the affluent Bangsar residential area. Since it's opening in June 1994 Chili's have experience growth as the nation of hungry patrons turned to Chili's to satisfy their cravings for good food and good times. I usually will "appear" in the Mid Valley Megamall outlet. Yes, I'm going to show you eight (8) main dish today! *drooling* Let's the below pictures tell you the story.

Chili's ♥

Mid Valley's outlet.

Now they're flying!

Waiting area. 

Margarita Bar. You can have a drink at here and chill with your friends.

Their newest menu.

Fork and knife.

Soft drink is REFILLABLE!
But if you wanna save money, you can order warm/ iced water only, it is FOC.

You can order a Soup of the day as your starter, it is very creamy and super delicious! ♥
*But this is not the normal size, this is some combo set's size.

1. Big Mouth Bites.
Four savory mini beef burgers with layers of flavor - beef bacon, aged cheddar cheese, sauteed onions and Ranch dressing on sesame seed buns. Served with crispy onion strings and jalapeno ranch dressing.

2. Grilled Chicken Sandwich.
Marinated grilled chicken, beef bacon, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese and honey-mustard dressing.

3. Fish & Chips.
Prime cut of white dory fish fried in their own crispy batter. Served with homestyle fries and tartar sauce.

4. Monterey Chicken.
Marinated, grilled chicken breast with BBQ sauce, beef bacon, cheese & diced tomatoes. Served with mashed potatoes with black pepper gravy & seasonal veggies.
*Have you notice that the chicken is a love-shaped-chicken? 

5. Classic Chicken Fajitas.
Juicy, fajita-marinated steak or chicken grilled to perfection! Served sizzling with onions & bell peppers.

6. Southwestern Quesadillas.
Marinated chicken with grilled onions and Jack cheese in tortillas. Served with sour cream and house-made pico de gallo.

*I love to order this the most! ♥♥♥

7. Country Fried Chicken.
Chicken breast hand-battered & fried. Served with mashed potatoes with black pepper gravy and sweet corn on the cob.
*But I changed the sweet corn to fries already. =P

8. Southwestern Grilled Lamb.
Grilled lamb with Chili's special marinate. Served with mashed potatoes with black pepper gravy & seasonal veggies.

This half-cooked grilled lamb was suggested by the waiter.
It is so delicious! *thumbs up*

(You can ask for fully cooked of course!)

It's dessert time!
Combo set's Ice cream is so small in size, one scoop!

Must have: Molten Chocolate Cake! ♥
I can eat this only without any main dish, so huge in size!

It is something like this!
Top with the COLD Vanilla Ice Cream while bottom is the WARM molten chocolate cake!
This is surprisingly match and make my heart melt for it! ♥


Verdict: 9.5 out of 10.
Price is not that "expensive" due to the big portion of the meal, the range of price would be from RM 10 to RM 70. For your information, today's eight main dish is around RM 30 each. This is an American Style Restaurant, so the portion is quite big, I usually can eat only one main dish or maybe can't finish sometime if I have my starter before that. It is quite worth for the price as the portion is big and the quality of food is so "thumbs up"! For girls, I would like to suggest the Monterey Chicken, Southwestern Quesadillas and Southwestern Grilled Lamb as these three main dish are my favorite, not the fried food and the Quesadillas is very healthy in its own way! And the Molten Chocolate Cake is a must have! You all should give it a try, girls who love dessert will fall for this I swear! *Kindly remind, Chili's don't take any reservations, but you can call the respective outlets and their team members will let you know the current wait time for a table.

Thanks for reading guys!
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