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December 14, 2013

Hi Everyone! I'm back with a Big-Eyes-Look! ~\(≧▽≦)/~ Thanks to The Butterfly Project and Mr. Lens for the awesome Blogging Chapter 4! I was super excited to have my online shopping with MrLens. If you are a Contact-Lens-Lover like me, continue to read my post now, I'm going to show you about my feel and experience about the services of MrLens and my must-have-lenses. *wink*

Wear the ColourVUE's Starburst Gray 

Yes, I'm the one who really can't live without contact lens. From the very first time I wear lens (when I was 14 years old?), I really can feel how amazing it is. But, normal lens won't make you look more gorgeous, it is a bit ordinary right? So, I'd tried many cosmetic color lens after that no matter is daily, monthly or yearly lenses and I found Mr Lens, a Swiss base company that sells and ship major brands contact lenses all over the world. It provides many choices of contact lenses conveniently, efficiently and with FREE delivery within Klang Valley! ♥

All you need to do is just:
1. Register your account.

2. Choose your lenses.
3. Check out after confirm your choices.
4. Your lenses will ship to you soon.

# 1 You can see your choices clearly in your cart.
If you wanna create your contact lens passport, click the small box!

Not everyone have the same power of both eyes, so, this is how it works!

#2 Check your Delivery Info after that.

#3 After that, choose your Payment Method.

#4 Confirmation of your choices and the prices of your lenses are stated clearly.

#5 Everything is correct then you can click the "Confirm Order" after you tick that two small boxes.

#6 Make your payment.

#7 Once successfully made yours, you will have this "Finished!"
and.. View your order status (With the clear Invoice, Change your order to "processing" and Tell you when it is shipped) in your email.

These are the simple steps when you shop at MrLens. ↖(^ω^)↗
For me, I always look for "Big Eyes" that can make my eyes look bigger and more "kawaii" but not more fierce. =P Anyone same like me? So, I go through the "Big Eyes" series first, then only I go and see what I want or what I need. Wanna see what is my final choice? Let's see the below picture now!

#1 Big Eyes!
Six (6) colours to be chosen. ♥
Colourvue Big Eyes series can make your eyes become bigger and brighter. The thick-dark-circle creates a defined looking eyes with naturally blending colour tones. It is:
- True big circle eyes
- Beautiful colour shades and blending designs
- Hydrogel material with high oxygen designs
- European CE approved, ISO 9001 

Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 45% H2O
Material Content: Hydrogel Terpolymer

#2 Colourvue Starburst Colored Lenses. 

Colourvue's unique Starburst series can make your party or weekend a real "Stars & Jewel" experience.
This social lens creates a subtle and sparkle in your eyes is ideal for meetings and evening events.

Water Content: 45% H2O
Material Content: Hydrogel Terpolymer

Although it had some mix up or problems of my order invoice, MrLens called me to confirm my choices within 2 days, after that, everything settled without any problems. *thumbs up for this good service* After I received my email that saying about my parcel has been shipped with POSLAJU service all the way from Penang to my house, I received my lenses on the next two days. It is consider fast service weyy! *thumbs up again*

Why MrLens?
1. Recommend a friend and get Rewarded!
2. Fast and reliable! 

3. Free delivery within Klang Valley!
4. Many choices of different lens from different brands!
5. Price is cheaper if compare to other re-sellers!
6. Have a Serious Christmas Discount NOW!

Yes, I received this with happy face.

Can't wait to try them!

Wanna know how I look after that?
See my review at here then. =P

Log on the below links to find out more.
MrLens Official Website
MrLens FB page

Are you a blogger too? Let's join The Butterfly Project now! ♥

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