One-day-trip: Aquaria KLCC

December 17, 2013

Nestled in the heart of the bustling "Golden Triangle" of Kuala Lumpur and within walking distance from the Petronas Twin Towers, Aquaria KLCC is a state-of-the-art oceanarium showcasing 5,000 different exhibits of aquatic and land-bound creatures over a sprawling 60,000 square-foot space in the Concourse Level of the KLCC.

First of all, after you paid your Entrance Fees and you will see the Piranhas on your left hand side. Yes, it's Piranha, they will eat human like what we watch in the movie, be careful! =P They have a Feeding Session of Piranha at 4.00 pm, Hmm.. I have no chance to watch it as I reach there too early already, what a waste! After that, three Rocky Shore Touch Pool are on your right hand side. We are encouraged to grab the rare opportunity to observe, touch and feel the exotic exhibits such as the Sea Cucumber, Chocolate Chip Sea Star, Box Crab, Horseshoe Crab and the gentle Bamboo Shark! It's so nice to touch and feel the reef creatures! Can you imagine how a living sea cucumber and sea star feel like on your palm? Excited! I like the Sea Star the most! ♥

First pool. ♥

After Electric Eel, Electric Catfish and Elephant-Nose Fish (They are in the Electric Zone! They defend themselves by discharging electricity), you can watch the Feeding Show of the GIANT Water Rat at 2.00 pm! But, I think that it is nothing special. ╮(╯_╰)╭

I'm bored with this. Orz.

All the butterflies life cycle, reptiles, amphibians and insects can see at Level 1. Jungle Streams however, with its sandy floor and flattened rocks, are home to land and aquatic animals such as freshwater Alligatoe-Snapping Turtles and the Asian Small-Clawed Otters. What I like the most? Look at the below picture. =P

Dang Dang Dang Dang!

# 1





After the Frog Life Cycle, you will then walk down to "Level 2". Walk down but why Level 2? I also wondering. ╮(╯_╰)╭ You will fall in love with what you see after that! A radiant glow, reflected from thousands of silvered scales swirling within the Giant Aquarium Tube Tank! I swear that you will see it first although there are many other attractions around you. Highlights in these waters include the giant catfish and the Arapaima from the Amazon.

Watch out your steps.


They are just too big!

I know that I'm stupid with this action! =P

Then we entered the Oceanarium. The vastness of the open sea and the entrancing rhythm of life are recreated in the Oceanarium. This is a 90 m transparent underwater tunnel and come face-to-face with the Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Stingrays, Green Turtles and so on.

Sand Tiger Sharks!

And.. My favorite!
Down part of the Stingray. XD

The Cage Rage!
(You can get close with the Living Ocean inhabitants, the ultimate cage diving experience.
No diving licence needed. But, I think.. Maybe have to book first? IDK.

(It's pretty red in that red tube and I can see how they feed it, how lucky I am.)

After "Octopus", you will in the "Weird & Wonderful" Street. Walk into the darkness and be fascinated with bizarre and unusual creatures from the deep. Yes, lots of "weird things" in that four big tubes. Featured here are Sea Jellies and Seahorses, amazing yet delicate marine creatures that are beautiful yet mysterious too! I like the Stone Fish the most at there! ♥

Coral Discovery as the last part of the journey. 

After that Coral Discovery, when you go up again to Level 1, you will be in the Atlantis Souvenir Store. Buy the souvenirs as many as you want. I walk around there about 1-2 hours. LOL. Anyhow, it is funny. ↖(^ω^)↗ Looking for a unique change of scenery during the festive season or school holiday? Look no further. You will have a good time with your family, especially with kids. Not to be missed! The signature appearance of the Scuba Santa daily at 12.00 pm and catch the Rocky & Okie during their special dance at 4.00 pm. This activity only valid till this month.

Entrance Fees.

Business Hour: Open daily from 10.30 am - 8.00 pm.
*Last Admission: 7.00 pm.

Location: Concourse Level, KLCC Complex.
1. You can go to the nearest Raja Chulan station by monorail, then walk about 15 minutes to go there.
2. It can be accessed by walking downwards from the main entrance located along Jalan Pinang.

Log on to their website to find out more now.
*Information credits to Aquaria KLCC website.

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