Natta Cosme: Appreciation Gift with tons of love

December 30, 2013

Can social media make a difference? Maybe you will think that we are only bloggers, or we are only human, how can we change the world? I believe that we can make a real difference. I didn't ask you to change the world, but all your hard work does pay off. For example, charity campaign and awareness campaign, just spread out what you want to share with your friends or followers can totally make a huge difference.

Back to the topic now. I help to spread the awareness about the fund raiser by Natta Cosme in the previous post (It is about the charity of helping the victim of the Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines with Natta Cosme and The Butterfly Project Malaysia), and I still have something in return. How nice of Natta Cosme! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it and also the little gift. *Appreciated* What a great Christmas gift! Let's see what I have received now!

Lovely Christmas Packaging! ♥

Start with a #Certificate and a #Greeting Card! ♥

They treat us like Princess, ~\(≧▽≦)/~

I love Santa Natta Cosme! ♥
# Candy Stick # Christmas Card

# New Year AngPow Packs
(Chinese New Year is coming very soon too!)

# Two pieces of Baviphat Mask Sheet

# A cute Ribbon Clip there! =P

I just simply share about what I get from Natta Cosme with my appreciate heart. Yes, I know that not everyone will appreciate what you did, but as long as you know, you are lending your hands with the correct way, everything is worth for it. Just live life with appreciation and you can help our world to be better! ♥

Click here to find out more.

Next post teaser.

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♥ Back to 45kg
♥ Dental: Teeth Braces / Whitening
♥ Gadgets: GoPro Hero5 / HUAWEI P10
♥ Thomas Sabo Bracelet
♥ Vacation: UK / Europe