Awareness Campaign: AXA AFFIN 110 Cancer Care Project

December 28, 2013

This post should be written earlier but it is never too late to spread this meaningful campaign out. I was glad to know that AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad (AXA AFFIN Life) has launched the AXA 110 Cancer Care Project in collaboration with the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM). This is the FIRST and ONLY Online Portal at in Malaysia that people can sign up for a cancer plan.

Despite the widespread of cancer awareness campaigns in Malaysia, most of the people do not realise that due to the severity of the illness, post chemotherapy patients usually retire to day cares where they can get back to their feet under scrutiny of medical experts. But this process can be demanding physically, emotionally and financially to the patients and their loved ones. So, this AXA 110 Cancer Care Project centres on AXA AFFIN Life's commitment to support and care for critical illness patients, especially patients diagnosed with cancer.

In conjunction with the launch, AXA AFFIN Life will be offering two (2) protection plans:
1. AXA 110 Cancer Care, and
2. AXA 110 Critical Illness (CI) Care

Anyway, this collaboration of  AXA AFFIN and NCSM, are supporting cancer patients currently undergoing chemotherapy in this campaign. How it works? AXA AFFIN will fund one-day chemotherapy daycare usage to one cancer patient for every blogger that post about this campaign. Maybe you will think that one day chemotherapy daycare is not enough for them, but imagine if 10 bloggers (ten times ten and continually share it out) post about this campaign, it is totally can make a huge difference to cancer patients going through recovery both financially and emotionally! They need it, they need us, they need one more day to live in this world, it is a gift that they would cherish each day and forever. ♥

AXA 110 Cancer Care is an insurance plan that, in the event of cancer, gives you:
- Early payout upon cancer diagnosis
- Ten (10) years of premium for twenty (20) years of coverage
- Sign-up for 110 Cancer Care and help someone fight cancer

Log on to 110cancercare or AXA AFFIN to get more information.

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