Unboxing: Bag of Love November Edition, "Go, Girl, GO!"

November 30, 2013

Go, Girl, GO!

I received my November Edition Bag of Love two weeks ago, ~\(≧▽≦)/~ This is the first out-of-ordinariness of the November bag! You know why? Because it doesn't come in their usual design but it is a lavish Levi's bag (without BoL tag on the bag)! I was super excited when I receive it! Let's see what I get now! *wink*

I love denim tote bag. ♥

Five(5) interesting things inside the tote bag!

With a simple description card as usual!

#1 Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo and #2 Conditioner, RM 4.40 each.

#3 Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura EDT, 100 ml, RM 275.

#4 Clarins Double Serum, 30 ml, RM 280.

A little surprise in the Clarins box! 

#5 Panasonic Pocket Doltz Toothbrush, RM 99. 

Overall: Surprisingly, there is a Panasonic Pocket Doltz Toothbrush in this November bag! It is a Full-Sized Item weyyy! I got the PINK one, feel happier because of this little pinky! ♥ Just turn the power on then apply gently to my teeth only, easy job! =P Another surprise is the Clarins redemption card. I can have two pieces gift set from Clarins counter with that card! Nice right? But, for me, I think that shampoo and conditioner already came with the bags few times, repeated the same brand also. Sigh. May I have another products other than shampoo and conditioner? However, the denim Levi's Tote Bag really give us a big WOW of it! I think that we all so happy to get this bag! ↖(^ω^)↗ How about the December Bag of Love? Well, December bag is shown in the below picture! =P


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As you can see, it is actually no hints but a complete picture of this bag!
This bag.. Red! I love it so much! How about you? Who wanna buy for me? =P
How can you say NO to them? Go, girl, GO!

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