Review: NANO WHITE Infinity CC Cream

November 21, 2013

I'm going to review this NANO WHITE Infinity CC Cream that I got from the October Edition Bag of Love today! This CC Cream (RP: RM 49.90) launched around March in 2013. They come in two(2) different colors, you can choose either Natural Beige or Light Beige. For me, of course Light beige is better. I think that the colors can blend well with your skin tone. ♥

CC stands for Color Corrector. You can use this CC cream to correct your skin tone, experience a magical transformation with a superior auto-adjusting color control to even out the skin tone by revolutionary Color Control Capsules (Capsules which are encapsulated with rich color molecules which to be burst out to release a lot of juicy color molecules when we blend them). Milky white upon application. It evolves with your skin tone to reveal a natural, photo-perfect coverage. It also treats the skin with Vegetamin™ ACE for long-lasting radiance from within.

Uneven skin tone, redness, dark circles, pimples and acne scars everywhere now.

Milky white became nude color to match your skin tone after blend.
*LOL! I mix up the Before & After already! Sorry!

Coverage power still okay but not really that strong.

Just apply a small amount of CC cream and dab on face and neck in a gentle patting motion after your daily skin care regime. Kindly remind, although it has SPF 50 and PA+++, please do not stay too long under the big hot sun, even while using a sunscreen product.

After apply the CC cream for whole face.

This product effectively:
- Evens out my skin tone and slightly conceals some imperfections.
- Reduces my wrinkles and fine lines, make them not that obvious.
- Moisturizes my face, moisture level is high enough.
- Brightens my skin tone.

- Minimises my pores.
- Smoothens and make my skin becomes softer.
- Leaves a dewy finish to my skin.

(p/s: Ultra-lightweight texture— not oily and sticky at all. Not only this, but also SPF 50 and PA+++  is a bonus to us! I'm in love with it now. *wink*)


Last but not least.

Click the below links to find out more. ♥
Nanowhite Official Website
Nanowhite FB page

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  1. erm... just a suggestion... try not to make your eyes go "fierce" when u snap photos. it scares readers off

  2. apply some moisturiser before CC...
    too dry


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