Review: Garden of Eden Rosa T Triple Action Acne Serum

November 04, 2013

I received a typical-pink-box last two week, yes, it is from HiShop, an online beauty and cosmetics store. First of all, I wanna praise for the speedy shipping! After HiShop Team email me about the parcel is sent, then I received it on the next day! Let's see what I got now. *wink*

The product is bubble-wrapped nicely inside the box with some vouchers.
Due to my very stressful life and bad habits, I'm having a serious-acne-problem recently! I miss my last time skin, smooth without pimples. T_T My skin type is dry combination, actually the chances of having serious acne problem is so less, but why am I so careless to make my skin condition became that worst? Blame myself for the bad eating habits, lack of sleep, etc. I wish that I could reduce the pimples/ acne and make all my acne-scars "disappear" forever now!

Back to the topic now. I unwrapped the product and read the introduction behind the packaging, then I feel like maybe it can help me? The Garden of Eden promise that their products using natural plant extracts well known to work gently and effectively on our skin. Sounds great right? It is 100% natural plant serum.

Yes, as shown in the picture above, it claims that this Rosa T Triple Action Acne Serum can clear oily skin, acne and acne scars in one step without animal ingredients, alcohol, preservative, colouring, artificial fragrances, mineral oil and synthetic ingredients. Not only this, but also the QPA Formula! QPA stands for quick penetration and absorption. No worry, it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Pimples everywhere on my forehead & cheeks and scars on my chin.
Filter camera also can't help so much already. T_T

Ingredients of Garden of Eden Rosa T Triple Action Acne Serum:
1) Linoleic acid from Rosehip Seed Oil and Grape Seed Oil- As an unique oil-balancing ingredient to reduce excessive sebum secretion, oily skin and clogged pores.
2) Tea Tree Oil- A powerful anti-bacterial to clear acne spots and blemishes.
3) Natural Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil- As scar healing antioxidants to reduce skin redness, boosts skin repair.
4) Collagen- Prevent and reduce acne scars.


I tried my best to use it with my patient heart. Gently massage onto my acne spots, scars and only for my T-zone area (Not the whole face of course). Heard that natural Vitamin E is 36% more potent and better absorbed than Synthetic Vitamin E and I think it is true as I feel that it can be absorbed quickly without oily feel.

Apply the serum to the concerned area.

And T-zone area to reduce blackheads and whiteheads.

Thoughts after use:
This Rosa T Triple Action Acne Serum really works! My skin-redness reduces day by day and it really can minimize my acne scarring. I love the pure tea tree oil scent, it is so natural and fresh. ♥ I swear that it is not oily at all, please make sure that you won't over apply. For me, I only use one to two drops to the concerned area daily. Whiteheads and Blackheads are visibly reduced and of course smoother with non-greasy feel. So far, I didn't have any problems when using this product. I hope that my skin condition will back to smooth-without-pimples like last time. ↖(^ω^)↗ Please be patient guys, scars and pimples need times to cure.

After-one-week-face. *Be patient*

You can find the Garden of Eden's products now on, they are running a 20% discount for the month of October. Missed it? No worries! As my reader, you have an exclusive RM 20 rebate with a minimum purchase of RM 99. Just key in the rebate code: GARDEN20 for this RM 20 OFF. Hurry up! Expired on 30 Nov 2013.

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  2. hi . you still using it even though your pimples disappear ?

  3. Hi . What the step to use it? . Do you use the acne gel to?

  4. i hope this product really can help my acne and scars. i already use it 2weeks.


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