Review: Collistar Thermo Active Talasso-Scrub, Intensive Anticellulite Serum and Super-concentrated Anticellulite Night Treatment

November 22, 2013

*Group picture credits to Sasa Malaysia.

Do you still remember my "Shape Up with Collistar" Program that hosted by Sasa Malaysia? Click here to read back my Workshop 1. In that workshop, I got my FREE Collistar Starter Pack (worth RM 495) which are Thermo Active Talasso-Scrub, Intensive Anticellulite Serum and Super-concentrated Anticellulite Night Treatment. As I said before, I'm in love with Collistar Slimming Products now. So, I'm going to show you about the texture or the function of each of them today. *wink*

These are the products that I got on last month.

From the last month workshop, we know more about the meaning of cellulite and how important of exfoliation before we kick start our shape up process. These are the products for us to exfoliate/ scrub our dead skin cells and reduce our cellulite/ orange peel, let's fight for it now, start from today! ↖(^ω^)↗

Some tips for a "Winning Strategy against Cellulite" from Collistar Website:
  • Take care of your body all year round rather than waiting for the 'bikini test' to face the issue.
  • Put into effect a real strategy based in a combination of the products most suited to you.
  • Prepare the skin to get the most out of the anti-cellulite treatments with a revitalizing and draining scrub and, once a week, treat yourself with a soothing and toning bath.

#1 Thermo Active Talasso-Scrub, 700g, RM 145 
Thanks to its special formula, this scrub provides the body with a complete treatment based on the exfoliating action of sea salt, the reshaping effectiveness of a blend of plant extracts with slimming properties and the revitalizing power of pure essentials oils. The result are potentiated by the heat effect (yes, you will feel the heat-ness!) of the product, which stimulates the micro-circulation of the skin, thus increasing the shaping effects of the treatment. *This is the Star Product of Collistar!

Yes, the sea salts and the essential oils are separated.

So, you have to stir them with the given spatula to mix well before you use it.

Massage into your dry-concerned part with circular movements for a more vigorous effect or a damp skin for a more delicate scrub. Remember to rinse it off after that. You can use it once a week or more if you wish.

Overall for this product: It gives me a smooth skin after that, and it has a strong mint scent! Please watch out of your breast and armpit parts. I like the heat effect of this product. You guys should give it a try too, you will totally fall for it after you use it! ♥

#2 Intensive Anticellulite Serum, 200 ml, RM 175 ♥

A revolutionary Collistar creation that combines the anticellulite power of Echinacea stem cells (rich in caffeoyl-quinic acids, substances that keep fluid retention under control) with the slimming action of Phytosonic, an innovative complex that acts on fat cells with a mechanism similar to that of ultrasound. Extremely practical and super-effective. It is quickly applied and instantly absorbed, leaving the skin toned, compact and smooth.

Contains the "Ultrasound" effect!

It doesn't require massage, it can absorb instantly!

Apply with upward stroking movements to the area to be treated.

Overall for this product: Although it claims that no need to massage it, I realised that I still need to massage them for a speedy absorption (maybe I put too much already? Orz). The texture is a bit sticky to me.

#3 Super-concentrated Anticellulite Night Treatment, 200 ml, RM 175 ♥ 

Designed specifically for the night, this treatment can be used effectively either on its own or in combination with anticellulite day treatments to intensify and accelerate the results. Its exclusive formula with Micropatch guarantees three(3) different actions:
- Carries into the deeper layers of the skin an extremely high concentration of caffeine. 
- Holds on the anticellulite agents and releases them gradually during the night, when the skin tissues are more receptive to treatment.
- Envelops the body in an invisible 'reshaping film' that leaves it immediately smoother and more compact. Thanks to its special concentration, just a few drops on the areas affected with cellulite are enough produce the visible results right from the first application.

*Scientifically proven effectiveness: 80% of the woman claimed it reduced the circumference of the tight and diminished the orange peel effect.

It left two third after I applied for a month.

It is watery and absorbed quickly!

Overall for this product: I just simply love their texture, it really can be absorbed quickly! Not greasy at all and you can wear your clothes immediately right after you apply the product. *thumbs up*

Okay, that's all for today's review. Thanks for reading my post. ♥
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