I'm ready for Christmas with Hermo

November 28, 2013

Hey guys, my PC is finally back to normal and I'll start to blog this wishlist post first. *wink* You know right, Christmas Day is coming very soon (less than one month already!), like other girls, I also have my own wishlist of pretty gifts that I could have. This Christmas, the Butterfly Project is collaborating with Hermo.com.my to grant the wishes of lucky butterflies come true. Interested? Continue to read my post now then.

Make a wish and you may win what you want.

Yes, people like me always "window shopping" on some online shopping site, adding tons of "what-I-want" but at the end? Not brave enough to check out! Everyday dreaming about how nice if my wishlist will come true in one day without making any payments. But, maybe this time will come true? Let's dream BIG together!

How to join?
1. Visit Hermo to see what you can buy for RM 80!
2. Blog your wishlist and linked the products that you want, so that Santa Hermo knows it!

3. To get Santa Hermo's attention, talk about Hermo's Christmas Promotion on your blog!

25 - 14 Dec 2013 : Create your wishlist on blog.
17 - 24 Dec 2013 : Santa Hermo grants wishes.

If you still not really know about Hermo, you can view back my unboxing posts at here or here.
Make a wishlist that can't be more than RM 80? Challenge accepted! *Struggling in choosing*
Wishlist? I made my last three(3) options finally! *sweating*
Let's see all my options now. =P

Option 1:
Hanaka (花恋肌) Volcanic Mud Face Pack, 150 g
TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask, 3 pcs

Yes, I have a yellowish-skin-tone, heard that Hanaka Volcanic Mud Face Pack have a very miracle effect in brightening, cleaning and oil-control. It can help to "sweep" off our yellow-skin-tone? Wow! It is so my type! I need it so much! Retail price at RM 75 but now you can buy it at RM 55 only! Saved RM 20! Why not? Click here to put inside your shopping cart now. After "sweep" my yellow skin off, what's the next? Of course is for more brightening! TT Mask is highly recommended by others, so, I think this is the perfect match for me to prevent yellow and be brighter! Introduction of this Brightening TT Mask? Click here. Two products only RM 79! This is my option 1, nice right? =P

Option 2:
Zamian Gold Cacao Mask, 150 g with 2 Handmade Soap, 40 g each

Anti-aging, reduce pimples, cleansing and nourishing? Have you try a cacao handmade natural soap before? No, I didn't try before. Is it sweet? =P Well, I have a terrible acne problem recently, acne marks around my face these few months, so annoying! So, when I found this, I was like.. ( ⊙ o ⊙ )! It may help me? It claims that seven days to clear pimples, and ten days to clear acne marks! A big WOW for it! For this three things, only RM 79.90 instead of RM 107.90, saved RM 28! Read more about this product at here. This is a value set of course! *wink*

Option 3:
Beauty Maker - Professional Brush Set, 7 pcs

Make up tools are so important to make you look more gorgeous, isn't it? Beauty Maker, one of my favorite Taiwan make up brand. Both also the same RM 75, how to choose right. *headache* We can save RM 34 as it retail price is at RM 109, so worth! It claims that these sets of brush is made by high quality materials like other famous brands, but the price is more affordable! Yes, I also think like that! Each brushes have their own cover cap, nice right? For me, I will choose the pink-polka-dots-pouch rather than that all-black-pouch, won't that bored. =P

If you want me to do a finalised decision...
I will definitely choose the third option: Beauty Maker Professional Brush Set (粉红圆舞曲)!
Why? I just feel like.. It is a must-have-item to me! All I want for Christmas is YOU!
*Santa Hermo, Can you hear my voice? Please make my dream comes true! Thanks!*

By the way, Hermo is now having a very nice Christmas promotion for all of you, there are:
1. Limited Edition Gift Card.

2. Spin to WIN. (A chance to win prizes daily!)
3. Super Value Christmas Gift Set.

#1 Limited Edition Christmas Gift Card. ♥

#2 Click the Santa Hermo to spin and win! 

Spin here! =)

Twenty-six(26) sets of mysterious prizes is waiting for us!

#3 Send greetings with Hermo Special Edition X'mas Card to your loved ones to stand a chance to win prizes up to RM 350 by Bloop!

#4 Special Christmas Theme Package! So cute weyyy! ♥

What are you waiting for?  I'm ready for Christmas with hermo!
Come on, try your luck! Santa Hermo knows what you want.
Log on to Hermo and The Butterfly Project to know more.

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