Unboxing: Bag of Love (September Edition)

October 08, 2013

I received my September Edition Bag of Love end of September- my favorite beauty bag! This is a very good birthday present before my birthday month ends! Mimi, the founder of Bag of Love always make us super excited about the contents of the bags with tons of hints, quite interesting!

The theme of September Edition BoL is travelling/ holiday!
Travelling? Sounds great! I love travel but always mess up with packing and thinking what skin care products have to bring along. Hmm.. This is quite challenging! I think that these travelling-must-have-items are quite useful if you are a girl like me (always mess up with packing before travelling)! You will need them, trust me.

The transparent Bag! ♥

The transparent bag is quite big and it is so lovely! The stamping design is really really cute! Going to have a trip on island or beside the beach? No worry, it is waterproof! And you can see-through what items you have inside the bag clearly, this is so nice! As usual, we will have a simple description card (Let's look at the picture below)!

Opps! Saw the simple description already? =P
Let's see what items inside this cute transparent bag!

Six items as usual.
#1 Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua Woman Rollerball EDP, 6 ml, RM 49
(This is not for sale in Malaysia)
Just simply roll onto the pulse point such as your inner wrists, base of the neck, and behind your ears. I'm really fall for it because it has the Apricots, jasmine, Magnolia, etc scent (You know I love to smell fragrant things right? =P), this is really a comfortable romantic smell. ♥

#2 Swiss line Force Vitale Aqua Vitale Cream, 50 ml, RM 368
(This is 10 ml version. Just apply it as a moisturizer.)
#3 O'slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula lll, 100 ml, RM 59.90
(This bottle is 60 ml, suitable to bring it when you travel.)
This travel size is exclusively made in Hong Kong for Bag of Love! Feel so lovely and it is limited to us! Just splash on to your face, neck and body in place of toner, make up base or body lotion! Yes, body lotion, don't get shock, it is really a multi-function beauty solution. *thumbs up* For deep moisturising, soak a cotton pad and place over the face then remove after five minutes (Just like doing mask)! It made my dry skin "drank so much of water", so hydrated and I really love it! ♥

#4 Olay Regenerist Serum, 50 ml, RM 49.90
(This is 10 ml size. Just use as a serum.)

#5 RVB Skinlab Diego Dalla Palma Cell Detoxium Purifying Clay Mask, 1 sachet, RM 29.90

#6 NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Shimmer Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, 100 ml, RM 198
(This is a 10 ml dry oil.)

Just apply on where you want (face, hands, legs, etc) for skin radiate from within.
Ruffle through hair to achieve a full volume and shimmering effect.

Overall: I'm totally fall for this cute travel bag and can't wait for the next month bag (The theme of October Edition is Halloween)! RM39.90 for this month bag is really worth and so sorry to tell you all that this September Edition BoL is totally sold out! Don't miss the next month bag already, subscribe now to prevent disappointed!


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Interested? More info by clicking the below links.
BoL Official Websitehttp://www.bag-of-love.com
BoL FB pagehttps://www.facebook.com/BagofLove

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