Sasa: Shape up with Collistar Workshop 1

October 29, 2013

Shape Up with Collistar!*

As I said before, I really gained so much of weight on my birthday month, so, it's time to "wake up" and shape my body up right now! ↖(^ω^)↗ Wait for no more, I went to Celebrity Fitness at Lot 10 on last two weeks to join the very first time shape up workshop with Collistar and Sasa Malaysia.

You know what? I never wanna go to fitness center before because I feel like nothing and so bored, yes, I admit that I can't sit quietly or do the same thing again and again. So, workout? *Ahem* Same place, same thing repeat again and nothing special? I only can walk/ run more on treadmill when I listening songs that I love. LOL. And I never know that I will go to this Celebrity Fitness in one day. *clap hands*

It is on Rooftop at Lot 10, the environment is extra nice!

I reached there a bit late, but I still make it! After I register myself and do some measurements of my body shape, I walk around and have some refreshments while waiting others come and register also. Of course, take pictures session is a very important thing to us, as a blogger! So, hope you guys enjoy the pictures below!

Registration counter*

Don't tell me how many inches of my waist please!*

Prepared by The Party's Planner.

Fruits, Lime Juice and Veges! ♥

Vege is tastier when it becomes like this! XD

I love my Chinese Name. ♥

Group picture before it starts!*

We start our workshop around four something after that, they introduced us about the very first step when you wanna shape up your body: Exfoliation & Cellulite Softening ! Thanks for having us at there, Ms Pat, Ms Ooi, Ms Step, Sasa Team and Celebrity Fitness Instructors are awesome! They briefly tell us about how much of calories we need in one day, the calories of the food we take and how important of exfoliation to our body (just care it like your face!) to shape it up easier.

We are there!*

She is so cute in this picture!*
I eat Nasi Lemak almost everyday recently. Orz
I'm lazy to exercise recently also.
Exfoliation / scrub is a process to remove dead cell
to ensure deeper penetration of product usage for any treatment!*

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It is most noticeable on the buttocks and thighs, and usually occurs after puberty. We call it "Orange Peel Syndrome" also.

We don't wish to see the ugly-orange-peel on our thighs right? So, we should prevent make it "disappear" on our body FOREVER! So, we should, NO, we must soften the cellulite before kick start our shape up process, we can't let the fats and toxins gather and form stubborn fats. After that, Sasa Team let's us to try the texture of the products.

Testing testing.

The night treatment is more watery and easier to absorb.

It's time to workout! 
We were having Yoga Class after that!
(Let's enjoy the below pictures now*)

Workshop 1 ends with a Group Picture! ♥
After that, my leg was shivering for hours when I trying to do some hold-on-action, like press the break button when driving back home. Long time didn't do Yoga already, all the stretching pose seems like a bit hard for me already, or maybe I'm fat already? *sad face* I felt so relax and have a very nice sleep on that night. Conclusion: Yoga is really good for health, not only on physical but also mental. You guys can try it also. ~\(≧▽≦)/~ Okay, that's all for today, picture below is the Collistar Starter Pack (worth RM 495) for us, include Thermo Active Talasso-Scrub, Intensive Anticellulite Serum and Super-concentrated Anticellulite Night Treatment. I tried them around two weeks already, what I can say is, I'm in love with Collistar now, their products can give you a fresh experience (review of products will be on next time)!

Trust me, you will fall for it after you try it.


Last but not least.

(*Pictures credit to Sasa Malaysia.)

More info by clicking the below links.
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Sasa Official Website:
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