Review: Red Porcelain Lipstick by Color Sensational (RP41)

October 20, 2013

Clueless on what to wear this season? What color should we have for Fall/ Winter 2013? LOL? I know, there are no differences in Malaysia as we are in the Summer whole year or forever? But but but, it feels great when you can change yourself or your mind to have some new color right? Do you know that the early Fall 2013 comes with Trendy Red and Classic Black. Well, I love this two color, but RED color is quite hard to handle for me. I think that you will know what I'm saying if your skin tone is yellowish-dark like me.

RP41 | RED PORCELAIN by COLORsensational

We should have RED dress match with a perfect RED lips also right?
I'm going to review a must-have-lipstick for this is what we call, Oriental: Color Sensational Red Porcelain. Well, so far I think that this color can fit any skin tone perfectly. This lipstick is new launched on February 2013, but I think that it is still suitable for now, for me. *wink*

I love this RED! ♥


RED PORCELAIN by COLORsensational (RP41) Details:
By: Maybelline New York.
From: Made in China.

Weight: Approx. 3.9 gram.
Color: Hot and sexy red porcelain.
Pigment: Very pigmented. *Thumbs up*
Others: Comes with Milk Lotion & Honey Nectar.

It comes with a lipstick case when I have this!

This is awesome in red. ♥


Thoughts after apply: 
This lipstick gives an ultra-smooth texture that will let you have an awesome-oriental-red-lips. It is moisture enough with their Milk Lotion and Honey Nectar. The lipstick itself won't too soft, so it won't break easily. This red porcelain color so rich, so stunning, it is suitable for me as I always have a pale-sick-face. However, you can't put some heavy eyes-make-up, if not, you will really put "too much of things" on your face. Kindly remind, if you don't wanna be that red, use a piece of tissue paper press on your lips gently so that it won't that red and shiny. Anyway, it is a must-have-item for me. Just go fiercely feminine in their one-shade-fits-all-lipstick! 
Maybe She's Born With It. Maybe It's Maybelline®*


No worries. Lips part is original color, no edit. *wink wink*

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Maybelline official Website
Maybelline Malaysia FB page

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