Review: BCL Tsururi Deep Cleansing Cream

October 06, 2013

Product of the day: BCL Tsururi Deep Cleansing Cream ♥
This is a must-have-item for me. I got this on early September and this cleansing cream is recommended by a friend of mine.
What she said is.. this is really nice! So, I give it a try and I'm falling in love with it now.

Deep Cleansing Cream's Details:
From: Made in Japan.
Weight: 55 g.
Fragrance: Comfortable Grapefruit scent.
Price: RM 49.90 (If not mistaken.)

I have scars on my nose recently, so I just show the texture on my hands, hope you all won't mind.
Just simply apply appropriate amount of this cleansing cream to concerned area, like your nose (with full of blackhead and whitehead) and massage for about 1 minuteKindly remind, do not add water to create lather and please remove your makeup and wash your face first before using this product.

Let's look at the pictures below. =)

This facial cream contains Power Stone Zeolite, which helps to melt and wash away the stubborn clog pores and impurities. It contains also plant type hyaluronic acid which provide moisture to the skin. It loosen dirt and dead skin cells from clogged pores.

What I like the most? The heating formula
I really love how this cleansing cream provide the heat-ness when I rub/ massage it on my nose. I think that you all will love how it works too! This cleansing cream really can effectively melt and removes my tough clog pores, unevenness and blackheads. Pore diminishes after rinsing the cream off, leaving my skin smooth and conditioned. Did I mention that Tsururi means smooth in Japanese? Yes, concerned area became smooth enough! ♥


For more info, click here to BCL FB page.

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