MSN Malaysia BIG Anniversary Party

October 23, 2013

Oh my weekday! Yes, my wonderful weekday simply gone like that because of my high fever! You know how suffer of it? LOL. You will never wanna know about it. Anyway, I'm back with my healthy body now (This is what I think laaa..)!

By the way, MSN Malaysia is hosting a BIG anniversary party and there will be fantastic live acts and performances as well as FREE flow drinks and awesome prize giveaways! Look like not bad huh? Actually I already.. I mean.. I get ready to dance the night away with Krista K's poppy tunes and DJ Bento's high energy set, but after these few days, I sick like what (I never know that I am weak like that!), I decided to reject this party invitation already, what's a waste!

If I can make it, then I can bring another three friends (Yes! It can be you, you and YOU!) to go there also. Anyone interested to attend this party without me? LOL. Tell me if you want to. Event details as shown in below.

MSN Malaysia BIG Anniversary Party Details
Date: 24 October 2013 (Thursday)
Time: 8pm - 11pm
Venue: Butter Factory, KL
Others: All attendees of the event must be 21 years old or older.

I hope that you guys can have fun at there!

More info? Click here to MSN Malaysia FB page.

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