INFINITY KOSÉ: Speak of Timeless Youth Beauty Talkshow with Mr Robin Niu (牛尔老师)

October 14, 2013

A Date with KOSÉ & Robin Niu (牛尔老师), Speak of Timeless Youth Beauty Talkshow.
You know what? I think I started to follow the Queen (女人我最大), one of the Taiwan Famous Beauty Talk TV Show since 2003 or 2004? That time, I was studying in primary school I think? LOL! With my limited Chinese knowledge till now, I know tons of beauty knowledge from this TV show. I always stared to the TV, see the Guru-guru inside to show this and that, this and that, and I will try what they said after that.

And now, one of the famous Taiwanese Beauty Guru, Robin Niu came to Malaysia to share his 20 years of beauty secret to youthful skin. WOW! A big chance for me to meet him because I get my FREE seat. ~\(≧▽≦)/~ Well, quite excited to see him face to face, so near! ♥ Like a little fans to see their idol. Let's the pictures below show you the stories okay? =P

Registration Booth.*

The brochure for us.

Emcee-of-the-day: Emily Poon.
Oh My! Mr Robin Niu came with a full-white-prince-look!
He looks quite young and fair!
(He already 46 years old! I lose already!)

Clearer now?* =P

They started to choose models for demonstration and of course tell us about the ingredients inside the products. There are three series of INFINITY KOSÉ which are Pure Advance Series, Concentrate Series or Realizing White XX and Prestigious Series for 20s, 30s and 40s women respectively.

For me, yes, just starting my 20+ years old journey. Actually, I already feel the dryness, sagging, blackhead problem, dullness of my face since 18 years old. Huh?! Eighteen? Yes, eighteen! We are now getting easier to become older because of the imbalance diet, lack of sleep, etc. Why we are facing this enlarged pores, aging skin problems? LOL. Let's look at the below Q&A.

The lucky 20s girl. *Why not me? =P*
He was showing us the points of lymphatic system that hide in our armpit.
(Mr Robin Niu, "No Pain, No Beauty.")

~ Pictures of 

(For women in their 20s.)

INFINITY KOSÉ Concentrate*
(For women in their 30s.)

INFINITY KOSÉ Pretigious *
(For women in their 40s and above.)

Was trying the [new launch] INFINITY KOSÉ Deep Moisture Concentrate.
It is now with penetrative Rice Power Extract No 11, red oolong tea extract and collagen.
It absorbed speedy and have a comfortable scent. *Thumbs up*

Mr Robin Niu told us that don't wash your face first after you wake up, just go to "absorb the Vitamin D" from the Morning Sunlight! This Natural Vitamin D can help us to prevent osteoporosis, high blood pressure and cancer. The funniest part is he taught us how to cook the good-taste-rice. Hmm.. You guys wanna learn it? Tell me if you want the recipe. =P I really learnt so much of beauty knowledge from him, satisfied till the max!


You know what? Mr Akin also there on that day.*
He is quite famous and active in Taiwan Beauty TV show for hair styling.

Of course must have a group picture after that right? But, haha! I just stand at the corner only.* =P
*Too shy when meet the Idol in my heart*

Door Gift on that day! 

Overall: Mr Robin Niu is quite funny, lol, really like what I watch in the Beauty Talk TV show! =P Of course his skin is smooth and fair, we girls no need to jealous, just take care of your skin, like what he said, "No pain, No beauty." We must fight for it! ↖(^ω^)↗ Starts now in your 20's to keep skin beautifully youthful! The workshop is quite nice and I gained so much of useful tips. Maybe I will share some tips on next time? Stay tuned then! O(∩_∩)O

(*Pictures credit to KOSÉ Malaysia FB page.)

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