Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia 1 Utama Boutique 1st Anniversary Birthday Party (Part 1)

October 09, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia and its first ever standalone boutique in Malaysia share the same birth month with me and they had their birthday party for selected bloggers (who are September babies) on 28th of September. Thanks to Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia for the invitation of this awesome birthday celebration! Now I know how lucky I am to be a September baby! *wink*

Shh.. This is a private party.

Just before the party start!
Do you know that this is the FIRST Benefit Boutique (F306, First floor @1 Utama) in Malaysia? This is awesome when you can celebrate their first anniversary birthday bash like seeing your own baby growing up day by day, year by year. They also launch the Gimme Brow on that day! You can see how your brow magically appear by using this Gimme Brow. Magic? Opps! We love magic show right? We had our happy-blow-cake-time just before the magic show start! Let's the pictures below to show you the story about that day. =)

This birthday cake is super gorgeous! ♥

Everyone is busying to take pictures!
And Of Course! Blow Cake! ♥
Is time to have some Magic?
(He is trying to make us feel WOW.)

Followed by the demonstration of how Gimme Brow can curb skimpy brows.
Everyone is so concentrate to learn the tips of applying the Gimme Brow and took tons of pictures when the demo is start.

Can you spot the difference?
You all can find them at store already, Gimme Brow is priced at RM 85.

How can I forgot the refreshment that prepared by the awesome Benefit Team?! I love FOOD! ♥
I'm super hungry on that day and I feel like I'm happy enough when I get to eat something!
Let's see the refreshment part now! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

We girls just simply can't resist of these cutey!

Cakes cakes cakes! ♥

My Favorite!
(You know how much I love Chocolate and Strawberry?)
After that, of course is "walk-around-time"!
Everyone go through the makeover and try the products with our curious heart again.
It's the best time to take some pictures also! LOL.

Aha! Almost forget to tell you all about my lovely sweet cute friend, Izzah !Meet her the second time already, she is really cute and have a super-passion-heart on blogging.
*I just simply grabbed this picture from her blog, haha! Remember to follow her, She is really a sweet girl.
We just can't stop to take picture with this awesome birthday cake!
Happy 1st Anniversary Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia!! ♥

Of course must have a ME with this awesome cake!

The 9 September Baby Bloggers! ♥

~ It's time to unwrap the gift ~

This is what I get on that day!
Thanks to Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia once again for the lovely door gift and birthday present!
I love it so much! ♥
Last but not least, Happy Birthday to myself! ♥


Have I mention that Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia had officially own an Instagram Account?
Yes, they are now on Instagram! Let's follow them to show your support @benefitcosmeticsmy!

You all can see more detail part on what I get on my next post. ♥
And don't forget to LIKE Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia FB page to know more about their products.
You will definitely fall for them after that! =P
Okay, that's all for today! Thanks for reading my post!

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