Baskin-Robbins Pink Wednesday (Mini Waffle Sundae)

October 02, 2013

Pink Wednesday. *

Wednesday is the day! I love Wednesday! Why? Because it is BR Pink Day! That's why I always excited on every Wednesday! =P I was super excited when I see the Happy Eight on BR FB page few months ago, but I have no time to try it also. Sigh.  And.. Not only the Happy Eight, let's look at the picture below!

Three different types. *

Yes, not only Happy Eight, but also Mini Waffle Sundae and Double Jr Scoop! You can choose in either waffle cone or waffle bowl. But when people comment on their picture, said about the size of the Happy 8 ice-creams is so "tiny" and very disappointing. So, I was like.. "Okay.." Let's try the Mini Waffle Sundae then.

This is the picture of it. *

TaaDaa! Here it is!
This is what I order.

Chocolate Cookies Flavor with Chocolate Syrup and M&M chocolate as topping.
Hahahaha! You know how much I love chocolate now? =P
Overall, All Chocolate is a bit sweet for me, but I have no regret. *crazy girl*
How can we resist the PINK Wednesday right?


BR have their Instagram too!
Let's follow BR today and show them which Pink Wednesday deal you're getting today!*

*Pictures credit to BR FB page.

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