Apps-of-the-day: 魔漫相机 (Moman Camera)

October 28, 2013

This is a very random post that I wanna share out the-trend-of-young-people now! *evil smile*
Have you realise that there are tons of caricature pictures on your FB, WeChat or anywhere recently?
This is because of the magic-of-the-apps called: 魔漫相机 (Moman Camera) !
Well, I think most of you know it already, and crazy with it now. This is super funny and cute weyyy!
But sorry to say that, this is a chinese apps, and thanks GOD I know chinese!
Some of my friends who don't know a single Chinese word keep ask me to teach them how to play it.

Some random pictures of mine!

Haha! When I was young!

My high school look?

Don't bully me! 

I'm a sexy lady. =P

I can be so man also! XD

How about hang out with celebrities?

You have to take a picture of your face, then choose the sex (male or female), then change your hair style, face shape, spec, brows. Background is the interesting part! Change from hot pick, funny, sexy or with the celebrities! Just do whatever you like! ~\(≧▽≦)/~  It can fulfill your dreams to be hot and sexy too! =P


Last but not least!

You can download this 魔漫相机(Moman Camera) on Play Market now.
Just click the below link now. What are you waiting for? =P

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