Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia: Stay Flawless Workshop

September 08, 2013

If you have follow my FB/ Instagram, you might see the above random-pictures-of-the-day post on National Day. Yes, I'd attend the Stay Flawless Workshop that presented by Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia & Simply K at Benefit Counter, Robinsons, The Garden (Yes, limited space.) on the last day of August.

I woke up not that early in the morning, so, I rush to this workshop by 12PM. Hmm.. I saw there are many people out there when I reached, but still.. The workshop is not yet ready to start although it is written 12PM onwards, then why I so rush? Orz.

Let's talk about my short story first: (The most impressed part on that day!)
I served by a promoter first, the girl is explained about the POREfessional and asked me to sit down and wanna take the product for me to try out. And? SHE LOST! I don't understand why she can simply dump a customer just like that? Or maybe she think that I'm not a "potential" customer if compared to other countries traveller? Because I was doing-nothing at there just to wait for her but I saw her with other "potential customers" at other side, promote the products so friendly with her sweet smile? I wonder why I'm so unlucky to meet that girl on that day, spoiled my mood. You know how moody I am before the workshop start? I'm upset with her simply-dump-customer-service. Okay, finished my short story about that girl.

They are busying with the SWEET PINK BALLOONS! ♥

Let's start the Workshop now. =D
The workshop began by the Beauty Artist / Adviser (Madam Choong), she is the prettiest woman now because she is pregnant yet active still. She explained about the rundown of this workshop first, then followed by the live makeup demos of three different makeup look with matching accessories.

The sweet Madam Choong
| Ms Kamae Lee from Simply K |
 | Th
e makeup artist & sales development manager of Benefit, Ms Emmy |
During the workshop, Ms Emmy was demonstrating how to do make up look for Interview your first job, Meet your future in-laws & Party Look with Benefit products. After that, Ms Kamae Lee will choose a suitable necklace or hairband to match with the make up.

The first demo: Interview your first job look.
Should be a POREfessional Look.

Wear a simple yet designed necklace is a must.
Second demo: First meeting your in-laws look.
She called Cavy if not mistaken, she is a bit shy and nervous? 
Ms Kamae Lee's show time.
See? Shy face. So cute la this girl.
Third demo: The Party Look.
Wynnie is more familiar with the camera I think?
The most impressed big eye with makeup & small eye without make up.
We are actually lost our patient before the last demo ends. I realised that most of them are starting to try out the skin care & make up products, and of course the most important part: Enjoy the Cup Cakes, Biscuits & La Cremeria Ice Cream that prepared by the team. Thank you so much, appreciate! =)

~ Refreshment Part ~

Look so nice right. Yummy! ♥
The new launch Almond Pecan Praline Flavor! ♥
Thoughts on that day:
  1. I prefer classroom style still. There are around 30 people, but we just stand at there to see the demo, not really can try the products ourselves at the same time. *Try them after demo is a bit wasting our time*
  2. Appreciate of the refreshment that prepared by the team on that day. Yummy! Thanks!
  3. The door gift is adorable and useful.
  4. The demo-part is awesome with the awesome team.
  5. Everything is just so nice except the promoter I met on that day.


Last but not least,
Door Gift on that day!
Oh! I love RED!

More info? Click the below links to find out now! =)
Benefit Comestics FB page
Simply K's FB page

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