Sasa Shape Up Challenge with Collistar

September 29, 2013

It's already end of September! Please "wake me up when September ends"!  How can I still in sleeping-mode right? As a September baby, I had too much of food and cakes in this month for sure. What to do? This is a must-have right? You get what I mean? Still blur? LOL. This is the "happiest-gain-weight-month" for me. *With a sad face* More celebrations coming soon, like Halloween and Christmas Day are coming very very very soon! How to maintain our body shape?! Arghh!! ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

I think that taking a Shape Up Challenge could help?

Sasa Malaysia was announced a shape up challenge on the early September. Wow! I think that it's the great time to behave myself already? Want to get in shape but don't know where to start is the main problem for me, but Sasa is hosting this Shape Up Challenge with Collistar contest partnering with celebrity Fitness, giving us a more incentive chance to shape up and allow every woman to have a toned and smooth physique that is always in top form! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Are you up for the Shape Up Challenge?

And.. What is Collistar?
A true ambassador of Italian beauty, the 100% "Made in Italy" company that has held first place in the Italian market of Selective Perfumery for 10 whole years*! A DNA characterised by 360 degree high technology combined with an ultra-Italian passion for exalting charm, beauty and well-being: this is the unbeatable recipe with which Collistar sets its signature to this new era of trends in the field of cosmetics. 

Yes, they are now looking for 88 lovely customers/ contestants to join this holistic shape up program! Just commit yourself right now to take the challenge for the entire 3 months (with just four steps)! Let's look at the picture below to have a clearly description.

They are not looking for the most pounds lost. Rather, they are looking for the contestants with the most progress towards their ideal shape. Sounds great right? Just follow the four simple workshops in three months, steps by steps to reach your ideal body shape. I'm gonna follow this shape up program with other 87 contestants too! So, what are you waiting for? It can be male or female, no worries! 90 days to shape up, get fit and have fun! Register now!

Last but not least, you wanna fly to Italy?
Sasa Malaysia is having the "Shop, Shape & Win" Contest now (2 Sept - 31 Dec 2013)! You are one step closer to Italy! All you need to do is just spend a minimum RM 300 on any Collistar products which include the Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate during the campaign period, then you stand a chance to win an air ticket to Italy!

That's all for today! ♥
Hope to meet you guys in the 4 monthly workshops soon!

*Pictures above credit to Sasa Malaysia FB page.

For more details, click the below links.
Sasa Malaysia FB page
Collistar Official Website

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