Review: Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

September 05, 2013

The popular item of the month- Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion. I'm so lucky to be given a complimentary set of Any Cushion from Etude House, thanks! Featuring this almighty foundation with their newest cushion puff by Etude House giving a quick and flawless make up coverage.

Etude House is famous on their cute packaging skin care and make up products. This newest almighty foundation packed in a sweet pastel pink container, I love PINK! ♥ Launched on September. So, you all can find it in store already. This is the new conceptual cushion that can pat easily and fit perfectly on our skin. It provides 6 in 1 speedy functions: Foundation coverage, Sunscreen, Sebum Control, Moisturizing, Whitening  & Cooling. It gives us a pearly soft skin, and a moisture complete coverage.

This is what I get from Etude House.
Product of the day.
Open it.
The Blue Air Puff that made by Rubycell & Polyurethane.

Close up.
Want to get flawless skin like Sulli? =P
For application, you can directly pat the foundation by using the Air Puff instead of rub it with your fingers. Repeat the "patting-mode" until the foundation is evenly covered your face and pat more on some serious area like pimples or dark eye circles. It could cover the pores nicely. Did I mention that you can refill the any cushion foundation? Yes, you can. Just remove the container and replace it with a new refill pack. And.. To maintain the cleanliness and hygiene, you can wash your air puff as show in the below instructions.

After | Before
Thoughts after use:
The formula of this foundation quite watery, I can say that it gives me a dewy soft skin. I found that my skin get brighter and of course fairer than the usual skin tone as shown in the picture above because there are pearl mineral powder and niacin amide that give me a whitening effect on my skin. It can cover the pores nicely to give me a pore-less skin. Besides that, the sebum control powder won't make my skin becomes oily easily. I don't need to bring my brush or sponge and won't worry about how it will be cracked in my bag or cosmetic pouch. Not bad right? It is a foundation cushion, so no comparison with other brands BB Cushion. What I like the most? The cooling effect! I can really feel that cool when I apply it on my face. Why Any Cushion? Because it can be use by anyone at anytime, anywhere. But, I still feel that it is a bit over price / cost (RP: RM 109.90) for students.


Now you can find it in any Etude House stores and get your free Doll Doll Mirror & Any Cushion Puff when you purchase the Any Cushion at RM 109.90.

More info. Click here to view their FB page.

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  1. Nice write up!! This Etude House foundation seems nice. I should give a try.


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