Review: My Beauty Diary Dark Circle Intensive Care Eye Mask

September 02, 2013

Are you a mask freak like me? I can't say NO to mask, especially for Eye Masks. No doubt, this is because of the dark eye circles of mine just so annoying. The NO 1 Facial Mask in Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore- My Beauty Diary (我的美丽日记) launched these eye masks on July, and now only I try it, is it too late? Never too late for beauty! =P

Let's see what they have now. I thought their eye masks would be a normal-shaped like others, but then this is so surprising me! They have three types of eye masks: Dark Circle, Puffiness, and Smoothness. All of them contains vitamins & plant extracts. Not bad huh? Today, I'm going to show you all about the Dark Circle Intensive Care Eye Mask because I have a pair of serious dark eye circles. =(

The packaging so pinky! ♥
Diminish dark circles & brighten eye contours!
Obvious fatigue and dark circles?
Really my skin type! T_T
This picture is not that clear, but I swear that I have a pair of super-serious-dark-eye-circles!
This is the Fish-Shaped-Eye-Masks!
After cleansing and toning, put the eye mask at the outer corner of your eyes first, then only gently apply towards inner corner of your eyes. Remove them after 10~15 minutes, then gently massage the essence into the skin with your fingertips until it is fully absorbed. No rinsing is necessary, but if you want, go ahead. Use 2~3 times per week for a good result.

The side part.
The front part.


Is it better now? =P

A big question in my mind:
Why the dark eye circles are appear when I open my eyes, but they are disappear when I close my eyes?
Anyone know it? Is it due to the shadow of my eyes under the light or?
See the below pictures for a clearer explanation.

They are appear!
They are disappear again!

Thoughts after use:
This eye masks are quite thick and it is cool enough as I put it into the fridge before I wanna use it. It is work for brightening my eyes and reduce my dark eye circles for sure. I like the natural scent, it could relax my eyes, make it less dull and won't look like that fatigue (refresh so much). One box of eye masks is RM 29.90 (Five masks per box). Hmm.. I think that it is a bit expensive for students. Anyway, it is worth if you love your eyes.
mask is quite thick as it keeps all the fluid with tons of moisture and while applying the mask, it's pretty cooling as you can literally sleep with the mask! :D  - See more at:


Last but not least!
Enjoy yourself ♥

More info? Click this link to their FB page.

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