Review: 1028 Extreme Volume Mascara (加勒比海黑宝石睫毛膏)

September 27, 2013

Hey guys, how was your weekend? Is it as awesome as mine?
Today, I'm going to introduce a Taiwan Product: 1028. Yes, the brand name is 1028.
The brand was founded by the Taiwan Famous Make Up Artist, Mr Zhang JingKai (小凯老师).
Why 1028? His date of birth!

Today's star: 1028 Extreme Volume Mascara (加勒比海黑宝石睫毛膏) / 8ml

Yes, this is how it looks like. =P

Product Details:
From: Made in Korea.
Volume: 8 ml
Shelf life: 3 years

Left | Volume + Black  + Curl
Right | Long + Black + Super Fast Long

There are two types of 1028 mascara, but I only got the Extreme Volume Mascara! Arghhh! I wish to try the Long and Curl Mascara also! Why only give me one of it..? T^T (Okay laaa, I know I'm too much!) Let's see the shape of the brush of the mascara now! =)

Double-rotating/ Double Helix Brush

Let's see the 4 features of this mascara:
1. Innovative double-rotating brush that create an incredible eight times volume effect.
2. Special lightweight formula mascara makes lashes super curl and retains it shape all day.
3. Waterproof and smudge-resistant properties.
4. It contains Vitamin-B5 repairing daily lash damage while strengthening eye lashes.

Apply double-rotating brush sweeping from root to the tip of lashes.
Repeat brushing on to achieve the desired lash look.

I just simply apply one layer of this mascara.

More volume as you see.

What I like: The double helix brush that can create an eight times volume effect, this is what I need the most as my volume of eye lashes is less. It really can make my lashes became curl and of course lightweight is the most important! If the lashes is heavy, then it can't maintain the curl of our eye lashes right.. Vitamin B5 to repair the damage lashes, sounds so amazing! I hope it does help! 

What I don't like: I think that its waterproof and smudge resistant properties no that strong. My eyes easily get smudge and when I put water on my lashes, it is not really can resist the water.


I love this still.

More info?
Click here to their Official Website.
And.. Here to their FB page.

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