Restoran Haeun Khon, Amcorp Mall Petaling Jaya

September 14, 2013

I seldom eat Korean Food last time, but after I know Haeun Khon Restaurant (海云轩), this is totally changed my life. I was quite curious and interested on this restaurant after I heard about it from my friends, they said it is quite worth to have a meal at there because it provides good quality food with affordable price! Look like not bad huh? I seldom go to Amcorp Mall actually but because of this restaurant, I go there more often now.

The inner of this restaurant is quite small, yes, very limited space but always FULL HOUSE, especially when it is on weekend! There are some Korean flags and decoration inside the restaurant. It is a restaurant serving both Japanese and of course the Korean food! ♥

We ordered Dak Bulgogi Jung Sik (Korean BBQ Chicken), Kimchi Jjikeh (Chicken Boiled Kimchi Soup), Ttukbaegi Dak Bulgogi Jung Sik (BBQ Chicken Soup), and Japanese Gyoza. And of course, main dish set will come with four little side dishes like Kimchi, Anchovies, Tofu and Fruits. Let's see the below pictures for more details. =P

Japanese Gyoza, 5 pcs (RM 5.00)

Dak Bulgogi Jung Sik (Korean BBQ Chicken), RM 14.90

Kimchi Jjikeh (Chicken Boiled Kimchi Soup), RM 15.90

Ttukbaegi Dak Bulgogi Jung Sik (BBQ Chicken Soup), RM 15.90

Close up of BBQ Chicken Soup #1

Close up BBQ Chicken Soup with Rice #2

~ The Side Dishes ~

Tofu ♥

Anchovies ♥ 

Kimchi ♥

Watermelon ♥

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10.
Surprisingly, the food are really as tasty as what my friends always say! I'm satisfied with it! I will definitely pay another visit again. I have no complain about the price, really affordable if compared with other Korean Cuisine Restaurants. I think that the portion just nice if you are not really a heavy-eater. The only bad thing is there are really limited space and full house always, so you better go there on weekday? Not much choices on food, but I recommend the Kimchi Jjingkeh (Boiled Kimchi Soup). ♥ You all know that I'm a spicy-food-lover? But it is still slightly spicy for me. You know how much I love this? Haha! Give it a try if you like hot and spicy food like me.

Lot 336 &363, (3rd floor in Amcorp Mall, just next to McDonalds)
No 18, Persiaran Barat, Off Jalan Timur, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact No: 
603- 7957 2181

Business hour: 
Tuesday-Sunday (Closed on Monday)
Lunch: 12.00PM- 3.00PM
Dinner: 6.00PM- 10.00PM

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