BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop

September 09, 2013

How was your last Saturday? I'd attend the Kawaii Makeup Workshop by BCL at Circus Restaurant, Pavilion. The environment there just so nice to chit chat and have a drinks with your bffs or date with your boyfriend/ girlfriend as the quality of food is not bad too! Opps! This is not a food post, let's start the workshop post now. =P

As the title above said, "Kawaii Makeup Workshop", Of course it is Kawaii enough! You all know Kawaii means cute in Japanese right? Let's see the decoration and the surrounding of the restaurant on that day! It's so lovely and cute! ♥

Beauty Creative Lab (BCL), a new cosmetic brand from Japan. I was so excited as I always see this kawaii brand at Sasa Store, but I don't have a chance to try it out. This is the time for me to try all the items now. Makemania Data, BrowLash Ex, Tsururi also under BCL. Thanks to Mandom Malaysia give a a very nice chance to us to know more about BCL. I was quite happy to have Mr Tanabe, MUA from Japan with us on that day. You know what? He is frequently appears on Japan TV's shows and magazines, imparting his knowledge on his exquisite techniques, quite famous in Japan.

Shibuya Girl   (Cool and Confident)
Shibuya is a fashion and entertainment district in Tokyo that is constantly producing new youth culture. It's a fashion hub for Japanese teens. But this is not a girl's style, suitable for girls with black hair.
Akihabara Girl ♥ (Dolly and Natural)
Akihabara also called Akiba, is a distinct in Central Tokyo, that is famous for its electronics shops. More suitable for girls who love Anime. Natural makeup and bobbed hair is a must.
Harajuku Girl ♥ (Pop and Sweet)
Harajuku girl loves accesories, prefer wear casual and colorful clothes. Looks young and cute like teenager; Gradational eye shadow and dyed hair is more suitable for this.
Yokohama Girl ♥ (Fairy and Elegant)
Yokohama girls love luxury brand bag; Looking more feminine, conservative fashion with a bit thick makeup or airy & curled long hair.
Orange Juice to hydrate myself.
The tools! ♥

So, which Tokyo girl you wanna be? Mr Tanabe was demostrating the Shibuya Girl Look on model that day. They are all the way from Japan. The translator, Ms Yoko stayed in Malaysia around 4 years already, her English quite good. The model also quite friendly and of course pretty! Mr Tanabe is introducing the make up base- ClearLast Face Powder. The most right is Mr Daizo, from BCL Japan International Division who is in charge of the sales. He is briefly introduce the rundown of the workshop and show us the products nicely.

BCL ClearLast Face Powder (feat Peach John) ♥ So cute right? Awww! The cute packaging especially the sponge comes with the ribbon. My heart is melting. Peach John is Japan's lingerie brand. There are two types of powder, Mat Ocher(pink) and Shiro-Hada Ocher(black). Mat Ocher gives you a matte finish, suit for those who have pimples/ acne skin; while the Shiro-Hada Ocher gives you a fairer look with its glittering powder. Just simply pat the powder on your face with the cute sponge to have a better gradation base. You will falling in love with the "peach" scent.

BCL Browlash Ex w Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid is a 2 in 1 brow pen which have the liquid part and the pencil part. It makes newbies easier to handle as the liquid part can do a sharp tail or fill in the gap of your eyebrow while the pencil part can draw the inner part after you finish the outline of the eyebrow tail. It comes in Natural Brown and Grayish Brown. Mr Tanabe is so patient to help out those who can't really draw the eyebrow well.

Eyeshadow in a pen just so nice for those who are lazy to bring many brushes go out. Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow comes in Bronze Brown and Light Brown, it can be eye liner also. And.. the pencil cap is the one that supply the colour. Yes, Mr Tanabe told us to cap it back when you feel the colour is not enough.

How about Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner? My eyes will look fierce if I put too heavy makeup on my eyes, so I won't put too much "things" on my eyes usually. Mr Tanabe use the black eyeliner to draw the upper eyelids and brown eyeliner to draw the down part(1/3 of the eyes), so that it looks more natural. He suggested that we should use the liquid eyeliner to finish the line at the end of the eye corner.

Do you know that Japanese use more than one type of mascara together? Yes, they are. Different mascara have their different functions and of course different in brushes type. For the curler mascara, you have to stop at the edge of lashes for few seconds to make them curl without using your curler. So nice right?

This is the Makemania Data Essence Rough Gloss- Strawberry Red. ♥
It comes with Strawberry Red, Peach Orange and Cherry Pink.
They are so sweet, but so sad that they are not available in Malaysia yet.

Shibuya Girl Look is finshed!
For later, when you wanna remove your makeup and wash your face..
Try their Tsururi Ghassoul Paste. Tsururi means smooth in Japanese. It is like a face scrub or exfoliate face wash and it can be used to remove some light make up. It is suitable for oily skin and available at Sasa stores, grab yours today!

When it comes to pores, leave it to the Tsururi Series.


It's photo session time now! 

The refreshment! Arghh! I didn't take any pictures of them!
*I grab this from BCL FB page.
What I get from this workshop.
Thanks to BCL Malaysia! 

- Last but not least, Group Picture! ♥ -

Had a great time with the Mandom's team, the staff there are also so friendly and of course helpful.
Hope you all can learn something new or make up tips from here, enjoy yourself.

For more info, click here to BCL FB page.

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