Pampering Session with Michelle Tay@ Biotherm, Introducing the Aquasource Deep Serum

August 14, 2013

When I see the Biotherm's FB page shared about the pampering session with Michelle Tay (Biotherm Training & Education Manager) just before the day of the workshop, I was so excited and called the MidValley Store to book my seat quickily. Wow! Really a last minute call, and I managed to book a space for myself. *Feeling lucky* Because it is limited to 5 person per session and I only free on the morning session. The best thing is NO PURCHASE REQUIRED! Nice one!

The pampering sessions are held in 3 locations: two for KL and one for Johor. So, Johorian, what are you waiting for? You can now book your seat which is held on the last day of August. With this workshop, they are introducing their new serum, Aquasource Deep Serum! And yes, The door gift is 15ml of Aquasource Deep Serum (worth RM 57), so worth right? *Evil Smile*
Recognised today as a skincare icon, one Aquasource item is bought every 7 seconds worldwide*.Far from resting on its success, Biotherm laboratories have continued to update its original formulation, challenging the boundaries of hydration to offer up to 5-layer deep hydration that lasts up to 48 hours. Today 15 years later, we launch Deep Serum, our most powerful hydrating product that goes beyond deep hydration to unlock the glow within.

Would you like to experience Aquasource Deep Serum for yourself? There are 3 times more concentrated in thermal plankton cellular water and mannose (than aquasource), Aquasource Deep Serum is a deep moisture and light concentrate that leaves skin deeply bound with water: plump, fresh and silky. Let's the pictures below tell you about the POWER of the NEW AQUASOURCE DEEP SERUM.

I was rush to the Mid Valley Store that day after shop a while. *Girls being girls* =P Still managed to reach there before 11:00 am. Before the session start, the promotionist, Sin Hui really caught my eyes. I still remember her since I took some samples from her last time, she has a sweet soft voice and a friendly smile all the time, that's why I still can remember her till now (Usually I have a really bad memory in recognise others. Sorry.).

Okay, back to the topic now. First impression of Ms Michelle: She is friendly enough with a super good, smooth, fair, nearly flawless face! Oh, how I wish I could have her good-skin-type also! Yes, she is pretty in my heart. Skin consultation starting, yes, I have a very bad skin type (maybe not that bad) especially before menstrual cycle. And I'm so lucky to be chosen as her model of the day, actually I think that it is because of I'm having the most serious skin problems among other participants. How sad! There are no pictures of me when I'm getting pampered by Ms Michelle due to my super-concentrated-learning-mode is ON. *Regreting*

Before: Bad Skin Condition with Puffy & Serious Dark Eyes Circle Problem!
(Super Tired Eyes I have!)
After I told Ms Michelle about my skin conditions and my skin concerns, she shared with us the right techniques/ skills of application and skin care routine began by her hands gently and softly. Steps by steps by using the following products:
  1. Biosource Cleasing Milk (NP: RM 100)
  2. Biosource Exfoliating Cleansing Gel (NP: RM 90)
  3. Aquasource Instant Hydration Toning Lotion (NP: RM 90)
  4. Aquasource Deep Serum (NP: RM 170 )
  5. Aquasource Cream/ Gel Cream (NP: RM 140)
  6. White D-TOX CC Cream (NP: RM 135)
  7. White D-TOX BB Cream (NP: RM 140)
After: Brighter and Radiant Skin with not-that-obvious-dark-eyes-circle!
Remove all my make-up first, then she exfoliates my super-heavy-dead-skin-cell and of course can be more clean with small-circular-motions around my full-of-blackhead-and-whitehead-nose. It is so soft and my nose became softer than usual. Toner is a must after that! She suggested that it is better to use it by a cotton than pad by our own dirty hands or palms. Their NEWEST Aquasource Deep Serum is finally tried on my face. Soft and absorbed very fast as I can feel the Bouncy and "Watery" feel on my face! It is really work and it can help on our next step which is applying the Moisturizer (Aquasource Cream)! Oh my super watery face is filled with uncountable-liter-of-water. CC Cream as a Color Corrector to reduce my dullness and redness of my face after that, it comes with SPF 50* and PA++ (can be your make up base also). So, the skin care routine is finished. I put on the BB Cream as my last step then I can go to shop again. =P

15 reasons to love AQUASOURCE! ♥


Yes, I have a very-very-very-dark-eyes-circle! That's why I always want to "kill" it with different solutions and different eyes products. But due to my laziness of eye cares, face the phone and PC always, my eyes now is under a HOPELESS condition. T_T Hope that this Skin-Ergetic-Eyes (NP: RM 160) can solve my problem!

Oppsss! Newest Deep Serum is LOST.
Aquasource Deep Serum is BACK! This is the correct steps.

Do You Know That?
  • Serum can be used in daytime also.
    It is never too late to know that we can use Aquasource Deep Serum during the day and night to continuosly hydrate our skin.
  • Serum can help in better absorption of your moisturizer.
    Feel that your moisturizer is hardly to be absorbed by your skin?  Use serum today.
  • We must clean our face although we didn't put any makeup products.
    Due to the dust and some unknown things at indoor/ outdoor that will make our face becomes dirty, we must clean our face still to make sure that we have a clean face to prevent some "dirty things" clog our pores and spoil our face.
  • Exfoliation / "Scrubing" is important (especially on nose area).
    We have to make sure that we do it when we need it. Because if we didn't scrub our face, our products will like "useless" and no function at all due to the very-thick-dead-skin on our face block our skin care products and give a very dull skin tone.
  • There are no ugly women.
    Due to our laziness inertia, we will become lazy to have our daily skin care routine steps by steps day after day and we will skip this & that with our "No-time-to-do-that" reason. Remember that there are no ugly women in this world, we can be prettier than what we thought. Be hardworking today!

I always feel so warm when I see some light refreshment when I attend some events or workshop because I feel hungry anytime, anywhere. Thanks a lot! Appreciate so much! ♥ But I lost my appetite that day, so sorry to say about this. Last but not least, I would like to thank you Biotherm Malaysia and Ms Michelle Tay for such informative sessions, I gained more beauty knowledge. Each of the participants was given a complimentary 15 ml of Aquasource Deep Serum to try out! No purchase required with a worthy door gift, why not? Review of the products will be on next post. =D

Ms Michelle is pretty in any way!
Besides gain some beauty knowledge,
this is what I get from the workshop.
Thanks a lot with appreciate heart!

More info? Click the below links to find out now! =)
Biotherm's Official Website:
Biotherm 's FB page:

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