Origins Mix & Mask Workshop

August 17, 2013

This is a long-queue-up-post! The Origins Mix & Mask Workshop! I can tell you that I never use Origins products before, so I quite interested on it and super excited to attend to the workshop. When I see the workshop is only held at Penang, lot of disappointed, but it is finally here, in KL now! 27th of July, I was rushing to The Garden Store before 11:00 am to attend the workshop. *What a rushing day*

What is the workshop about?  ╮(╯_╰)╭  As you see the title above, it is about mask and how we can mix & mask our face depends on what problem we have! Have you ever hear about different mask can put on different face area in the same time? Well, maybe this is not new for you, but me, seldom do mask on my face due to my very-lazy-behaviour ( I use Sleeping Mask only! Easier for me! =P )

You can facialist at your fingertips now, try to discover the Origins BEST Selling Masks in Malaysia. Ms Susan who are the Training Manager explained about the Mix & Mask Concept to us roughly then she do some demo to show us how to do it with the 2 models of the day!

Working / Studying non stop? Out all night? When skin gets overwhelmed and acts up, you should use the high-performance masks to rescue, Just like a facial, they reboot skin and put your daily regimen on track. Skin can instantly refreshed and the feel is pretty good! For example, are you sick of oily slick? On the blink of a breakout? Before you freak, reach for their Out of Trouble 10 minutes Mask to rescue your problem skin. How about obsessing over pores? Active Charcoal Mask will be the best choice to clear pores. Dehydrated? Use the Drink-Up Series Mask before it is too late! They can help to keep moisture levels high throughout the day. Find the masks that suit you today! Mix & mask for your best results!

Kindly remind: Please scrub your face 2-3 times per week for the best result before mask your face!

After the little explanation talk, all walk around to see and try their products texture. I feel like, "Huh? That's all?" Feeling a little disappointed that time, I was lost again! *I easily lost myself* Take picture everywhere and see the products' details when I was bluring that time! =P Actually, Ms Susan is quite knowledgeable and able to capture the participants' attention. She is very energetic with lots of action to explain in details how each thing works in her style! She told us that she is also lazy to do mask sometimes, but she said, "You have time for your food, facebooking whole day, bath and watch drama, so you sure have time for masking." Quite true right?

Actually I'm more interested on their Origins GinZing™ Energy-boosting moisturizer. =P
The main character today! All about mask!
This is the value packs (Double Mask Set), RM 210 that worth RM 324!
All the promotionist was explaining the details nicely.
I met a super-friendly-trainee: Amanda!

Thoughts of the day:
  1. I prefer classroom style. We did not manage to try it on our face in the workshop. *Disappointing*
  2. No refreshment prepared on that day. Even a bottle of water also don't have? I was dehydrating that time!
  3. The gifts with purchase promotion / value pack was set a little high (Or maybe it is too high for students!) There are no promotion set which I wish to see.
  4. The promotionist there are friendly enough with smile all the time. I love it!
  5. Their products are natural and smell naturally of course!
    By the way, I like their Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask!
    I love the smell of Apricot!

Price of the masks:

  1. Out of Trouble 10 minutes Mask- RM 105
  2. Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask- RM 105
  3. Drink-Up Series Mask- RM 120

Origins is doing a Smarty Plants CC Workshop very soon on 23th (Isetan KLCC) & 24th of August (Gardens). If you are interested, you can call them to book your seat asap. You have to pay RM 50 for the Voucher which is fully redeemable against the Origins Products, and of course it comes with door gifts.


The Door Gift! ♥
Super heart it!
1. The VitaZing BB Revitalizing Cream with Mangosteen 
2. The GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream
3.The GinZing Energy-boosting Moisturizer

Origins Official Website:
Origins FB Page:

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