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August 31, 2013

As a food lover, I always hunt for food anytime, anywhere. But sometime.. You know right? We just can't decide where and what to eat. Same experience like me? Haha! I'm not that worry now since I got my Worthy Book(FnB Edition for 2013-2014)!

Don't even hear about WB before? Hmm.. Worthy Book is a voucher booklet for freebies, discounts & deals at some of the Malaysia's most popular spots/ shopping mall. You can find WB at all major bookstores like MPH, Popular, Borders, Times, Kinokuniya & in KL, Selangor, Penang & Johor. More clear right now? Okay, let's start my first stop now!

Their newest Menu!

First Eat: Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant!

I seldom dine in at Kim Gary actually because I feel like the portion of the meal doesn't same as the price that we have to pay, maybe it is from Hong Kong? That's why a bit pricey for me? Hope you all won't mind, this is just my own opinion. By now, Kim Gary already have 17 outlets in Malaysia, means Malaysian still loving this restaurant I think? Their signature dishes such as Cheese Baked Rice with Pork Chop, French Toast, Pork Chop Burger in "Macau" Style and etc awaits you to try them out! ♥ (Sorry for Muslim Friends, Yes, this is a non-halal restaurant.)

These are the two "things" that I redeemed on that day, it's FREE! Sounds good right? They have different meal to introduce to their customers every month, and their meal-of-the-month for August is Mango Snowflake Ice. I redeemed also the french toast, what we call "Sai Door See" 西多士 in Cantonese. I think that it will be okay for girls if it is not that sweet. Inside is peanut paste and on top of the toast have honey and butter of course! Look so sweet huh.. See the below pictures for more details.

Signature French Toast.
Mango Snowflake Ice.
Pop-Egg-in-Mango-Flavor and some other "side dish".

I can't finish the Mango Snowflake Ice as it is giant size for me. I can't eat too much of ice. The french toast not that bad and I can say this portion is big for me. The honey mixed with the melting-butter with the peanut-paste-toast just so perfect although it is sweet but still acceptable for me. Overall, I'm satisfied for the food I ate at Kim Gary and the waiters/ waitress there are super friendly too! ♥


Last but not least, this member card is FREE also with my WB voucher!
(NP: RM 10.00)

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